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  • 15 Beacon Pl Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    15 Beacon Place is a mess. This place is a breeding ground for rats and is an eye sore. Can someone clean this up??
  • 738 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    The community center at the church needs to be shut down or needs to pay for police detail during hours of operation. This has been an on-going issue and will no longer be tolerated by local business owner owners. There was public drinking/ drug use and a fight in front of our business this morning on Broadway. Let's Make Chelsea Great Again!
  • 153 Cottage St Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    are there different rules for different people when it comes to parking on a sidewalk? I continuously see this or a different truck parked on the sidewalk several nights a week at Willow and Cottage and never once do they receive a ticket, I as a taxpayer am required to shovel my sidewalk for people to walk on yet this truck has been here since last night. several nights a week there is a vehicle parked on the sidewalk with never a ticket I can only assume that parking enforcement either knows them and is letting them get away with it or there is a new rule that lets people Park on city sidewalks that I'm not aware of. if so I would love to know because I see people on Cottage Street getting tickets for parking on the sidewalk yet not on this particular sidewalk there has never been parking on this side of the street on Cottage at Willow
  • 4 Reynolds St Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    I want to report the family who lives at 4 Reynolds st in Chelsea, MA for parking illegally on a sidewalk in front of their house right in front of their garage. I have been living in Chelsea for over a year and not once seen them park any of their vehicles in their 2 car garage. Instead the park in front of their garage on the sidewalk. This becomes a problem when people have to leave the sidewalk to walk in the street to pass their house. I've seen 10 year old kids drive their bikes in the street, parents walk in the street with their babies in a stroller. Last week at night I walk into the street and almost got sideswiped by a oncoming car. This is a blind corner for cars turning off of Washington ave going full/half speed and will lead to an accident. I am just reporting this now on record so if any accidents happen I can say I mentioned it. Like I said they have been parking like this for over a year. If you look on Google Street View you can see an old snapshot from years ago and there is a car parked the same way. Thanks for your time and I hope you look into this
  • Panhandling Archived
    174-180 Broadway Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Harrasing pedestrians
  • Street signs Archived
    225 Spencer Ave Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Hidden stop sign people going through it at high rate of speed. Dangerous because with in 200 feet of school.
  • 90 Broadway Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    A bunch of kids riding unregistered scooters on lower broadway, some passengers without helmets. They are between Beacon st and Commandants way. Please send cruiser to end this before somebody gets hurt and nobody to go after
  • Pothole Archived
    43 Annese Rd Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Palmer Ct is starting to look like Beacham St. Can we schedule regrading and repaving of the street?
  • 299 Highland St Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    why are these bikes being left in random places in Chelsea? and not in "bike" spots.
  • 87 Garland Street Chelsea, Massachusetts - Chelsea
    This is a 2 family home each unit has 1502 square feet 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. On the first floor in unit 1 there are 4-5 families living in this small space. This can’t be safe for anyone. They have 6 different vehicles inclusive of 2 construction vans. Perhaps ISD should check the basement for illegal apartments or the bedroom doors for hasp locks. I can’t imagine how they can all live in there. The mailbox has a long list of people taped to it so obviously they don’t mind the overcrowding. They are consuming a 3-4 parking spots that other property owners / tax payers rely on. I understand that we must all learn to share and honestly they are all very nice people over there however it’s not safe, it’s a potential fire hazard, and it makes Prattville look like the tenement slums. On the parking issue I believe if people followed the rules we would not have a parking shortage this neighborhoods streets and parking was not designed to support 10-12 vehicles per home. If home owners want to have that many vehicles they need to ensure off street parking or they can pay a surcharge to the city for additional wear and tear on our streets.
  • 7–9 2nd St Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Can we please get someone out to monitor double parked cars on Broadway? Broadway is already seeing more traffic with the Beacon Street ramp being closed (causing everyone to use Fourth Street instead) and the double parked cars blocking 1 of 2 lanes is causing even more back up. It is also a safety concern for pedestrians for two reasons: 1. the double parked cars are often times blocking parts of the cross walk making it difficult to see people crossing, and 2. cars that are trying to drive down beacon are swerving from lane to lane to avoid the double parked cars on both sides of the street. If it hasn’t already happened, a person or a car is going to get hit. Thank you.
  • 28 Suffolk St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    This has been a issue for at least 6 months now and it’s starting to get frustrating
    It’s said they came here and spoke to the condo representative which has happened but 28 Suffolk street apt 1 has been continuously been parking on the front lawn and does not care
    This really needs to be resolved and not just with acknowledged they have no respect for the laws and bylaws of the city
    The representative for the condo association has even went as far to put marker spikes in the ground and they ripped them out
    Today I called the police department dispatch and they said it’s the condo association issue cause it’s on private property
    So does that mean that all the condos get special privileges especially the ones across the street being built ant the new ones proposed to be on Suffolk street
    The I oppose any condo being build on Suffolk street
    This has been going on for to long and needs to be fixed cause if the city don’t have a issue with a car being parked on the front lawn I’ll park there
    Thank you and I hope for this issue to be resolved soon