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neighborhood watch and local pd

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  • Street Light Archived
    1100 Parkgreen Drive Dixon, California - Dixon
    Wont turn on
  • Street Light Archived
    1019 Parkgreen Drive Dixon, California - Dixon
    cycles on/off
  • Street Light Archived
    1100 Hopkins Drive Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Street Light out
  • Street Light Archived
    365 Morgan Lane Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Stays off most of the time
  • Pothole Archived
    501-575 S Jefferson St Dixon, CA 95620, USA - Dixon
    The whole street is a mess since 2013. I requested it to be repaired and they just fill the holes back up and then it comes right out. The loose gravel every where and looks horrible. My drive way is on this street and I would appreciate it if it could be redone like they did for West Cherry Street. They did some work on West Cherry a few months ago and made it even worse. Thanks
  • Street Sign Archived
    198 S Jackson St Dixon, CA 95620, USA - Dixon
    Stop sign located at W Mayes & S Jackson is completely blocked - tree needs to be cut back.
  • Street Light Archived
    400 Hillcrest Circle Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Street Light Archived
    495 West Creekside Circle Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Pole #631, on the corner of W. Creekside Cir and N. Fifth street was run over last night. The Streets division has removed the pole, and secured the wires. The site is currently safe. The city will need to contact Bear electric for repair.
  • Street Light Acknowledged
    410 Brians Way Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Street light out Acknowledged
    Mason Court Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Street light out on Mason Court, light # 679.
  • Street Sign Archived
    529 West A Street Dixon, California - Dixon
    the parking signs face NORTH, not west
    A driver parking next to the police station or going to the post office can't read them.
  • Street Light Acknowledged
    1530 Gill Court Dixon, California - Dixon