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  • Street Light Archived
    1245 Cornell Court Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Street Light Archived
    North Jefferson Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Pole 51, corner of C st and N.Jefferson (train station parking lot) is out.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Hwy Dixon, CA 95620, USA - Dixon
    This cross walk been down for awhile now , school starts next month. This street has a lot of moving traffic and it only going to take one person to get hit and I would like to prevent that. Traffic doesn't slow down for pedestrian even though signs say to do so.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Hwy Dixon, CA 95620, USA - Dixon
    As it becomes less sun light from the upcoming winter the trees have over grown blocking the street light that shines down to show other drivers that a person is standing at the cross walk.
    Street lamp c703
  • Trees Open
    1858 West A Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
    South side of A Street near Hwy 80, trees are growing into PG&E lines causing lines to sag and branches are intertwined. May be a fire hazard.
  • 1025-1035 N Lincoln St Dixon, CA 95620, USA - Dixon
    I am asking that speed bumps be placed in between the stop signs of Watson Ranch and Park Green Drive. The stop sign has not improved the speeding problem. It is a danger to back out of the drive ways. Kids are almost being hit.
  • Street Light Archived
    370 Heritage Lane Dixon, California - Dixon
    Almost all of the street lights on Heritage Lane are completely out, only a couple at the entrance are working. They have been out since last week. I called in on Monday about the issue but I don't have the pole numbers.
  • In The Fire Lane West Of Chevron Off Stratford Ave Dixon, California - Dixon
    We always see the streets around Dennys and Chevron being used to the max by large trucks. This evening, I see two very large auto transports, one on each red curb in the fire lane west of Chevron.
    Illegal, dangerous, and abuse of the truck parking program. Best Western should account for not monitoring this. Dixon PD should issue citations on a daily basis where warranted.
    I intend to take this to the next City Council.
  • Street Light Archived
    1211-1215 Baker Al Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Street Light Archived
    270 East Mayes Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Day burner
  • Street Light Archived
    1351 Baker Al Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Street Light Archived
    898 West H Street Dixon, CA - Dixon