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  • 195 Grovers Ave Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    There is a noxious chemical odor in the air. It's horrible.
  • 178 Seabright Ave. Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    There is a strange toxic chemical odor being reported throughout Black Rock. I smell it on my street, and neighbors on Balmforth St, and Courtland Ave are also reporting it. It needs to be addressed as it could be hazardous to people's health.
  • 1572 State Street Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport

    For yet another consecutive night, these trucks are parked along this street.
    As far as I know, parking overnight is illegal on this street and perhaps also on the adjacent Fairfield Ave side.

    On top of not being allowed to park there overnight, these trucks pose a danger for vehicles looking to turn onto State St., either from Mountain Grove St. due to not being able to see oncoming traffic due to these massive vehicles. Or vehicles coming from Bostwick Ave, not aware that State St. is a one way street, due to these trucks blocking signage that makes it obvious that State St. only functions in one direction.

    Are we just going to continue to wait for an accident to occur before doing something?

  • Pot holes Archived
    Cleveland Ave Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    Clevrland ave has pot holes starting from the corner of Nirman Ave down to Park Ave. It needs to be fixed
  • 306 Brooklawn Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    Almost every weekend this house holds an illegal Flee market in its yard. This causes traffic jams as well as looks bad.
  • Madison Ave Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    This area was just completely repaved, but the manhole covers are equivalent to full size potholes. Please raise the manhole covers ASAP. It's impossible to avoid hitting them at night.
  • 325 Myrtle Ave Bridgeport, CT 06604, USA - Bridgeport
    City sidewalk unkept
  • Other Acknowledged
    808 Noble Ave Bridgeport, CT 06608, USA - Bridgeport
    they are sealing drugs in the store. we want a change in our neighborhood.
  • 87 Sims St Bridgeport 06604 United States - Bridgeport
    We are now over 4 weeks since this was first reported on this site. Nice to see things being taken seriously. This vehicle is here EVERY night, why has this not been addressed?
  • Other Archived
    759 State St Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    I’ve been living at 759 State St 1st floor since November 8th 2017. On numerous occasions I’ve found live mice in my home. I have a small child (4 years old) living here, also I’m giving birth in 5 days. I refuse to bring home a new born to these living conditions. My landlord is not making enough effort to ensure the safety of my children and family.
  • Seabright Ave Bridgeport, CT, 06605, USA - Bridgeport
    Truck parked on front lawn
  • 97 Charron Street Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    This wanna be backyard mechanic that lives at 97 Charron St. that is constantly doing car repairs on the street dropping hazardous fluids and letting it go into city drains police were sent several times and they give him verbal warnings and continues to do repair work on this class A residential area. CT DEP please take notice. Mayor of city of Bridgeport please take notice. This has to stop.