Downtown Jersey City

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Downtown Jersey City, plus Hamilton Park and Paulus Hook

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  • 311 4th Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Dangerously broken up sidewalk, not safely passable in my mothers wheelchair. Owner must maintain, unfair to other residents who keep their sidewalk in good shape.
  • Driveways Archived
    344 5th St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    Owner is making a new curb cut. There wasn't a curb cut before.
  • 8 Erie Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown

    I started to noticed that the garbage pickup for historical downtown area, harsimus cove and hamilton park is getting later and later. In the past few weeks, the garbage trucks show up around 12:30am to 230 am. This is absurd because they are very loud and even the workers are hollering at each other in the middle of the night.

    Can we have Public Works or the city who contracts these companies to adjust the hours? They also do several passes on Erie street. Last night I saw the same garbage truck and workers pass down Erie 3X in a time span of 40 minutes. And I confirmed they are picking up trash and not what some may think its recyclable garbage truck vs regular garbage truck because i know they are separate teams/trucks for that with separate routes.

  • 15 2nd St Jersey City, NJ 07310, USA - The Waterfront
    Lutze has been operating past 11:30 PM on both Friday and Saturday with loud music clearly audible indoors. This is the second weekend in a row. Once again we ask the City to please address this situation and let the residents know what action is being taken. This is a nightclub not a Biergarten!
  • 254 4th Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown
    HUGE Open Hole in Sidewalk, Needs a Cover, ASAP! Someone can break a leg!
  • W Hamilton Place & Pavonia Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The large dog run is always flooded by the fountain. It’s a high traffic dog run used by many residents. This issue needs to be addressed post haste! It’s absurd that the city refuses to focus on this ongoing issue. Please fix this now.
  • 301 2nd St. Apt 1 Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    I have been early hit as well as beeped and cursed at on many occasions while crossing in the pedestrian crosswalks in the Harsimus Cove neighborhood. This has happened even when I was more than halfway through the crosswalk before the car approached. The crosswalk laws are not enforced and drivers do not respect them. Drivers fly through the neighborhood at speeds far above the limit and do not stop or look when they fly through pedestrain crosswalks. I've heard of people being hit and have nearly been hit myself several times. Stop signs need to be put back into the streets. That is the only way drivers will slow down and realize that it is the law for them to stop. I would also like to see the city put in speed bumps before every one of these crosswalks. This should be a safe, walkable city and it is being overrun by dangerous, callous drivers. The death of a child on Grove street a few weeks ago doesn't seem to have deterred drivers nor has it prompted any response from the city to make our streets safer. Please do something about this!
  • 95 Marin Boulevard Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The intersection of Columbus & Marin is complete chaos. I've almost been run down twice as a pedestrian there by aggressive drivers. A woman with a baby stroller screamed at the top of her lungs one of these times, because her stroller was also almost hit by a speeding SUV that just had to get through the crowd of pedestrians crossing there to Marin Blvd. Something has to be done about that intersection. Bring in the traffic safety experts or something, it is not working there. In the meantime, hire a temporary crossing guard at busy hours. It is outright dangerous at times. JC is dangerous for pedestrians in general, but that intersection is particularly bad.
  • 148 Newark Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Bagpipe player plays all day and night (just recently past 2am) on Newark avenue pedestrian walk. All day/night weekends and evenings on weekdays. I saw other reports responded to stating someone was being assigned to address and enforce the noise issue but they're still playing. This is an EXTREMELY loud instrument and we shouldn't be forced to endure such disturbing noise levels on a constant basis outside of street festivals/special events. The bagpipe noise is so loud and jarring people cover their ears on the streets when they pass, people dining on the sidewalks cringe and become visibly upset by the barrage of noise and can't peacefully go about their leisurely business within proximity of these bagpipers, and myself and neighbors have to keep noise levels inside our homes so loud to compensate all weekend just to drown out their playing, which isn't desirable or fair. When the bagpiper stands directly in front of my building I will hear neighbors yelling and complaining before ultimately blasting their own music to cover it. They've personally asked the player to stop before and he refuses and persists in front of the building (though it doesn't really matter which building he is in front of because you can hear it from anywhere on the block). This is degrading the quality of my residential life and mental sanity. It's very horrible.
  • 343 1st Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The Village needs trash cans. The litter & debris is disgusting
  • 63 Erie Street Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States of America - Downtown
    Please please please put in more stop signs and or speed bumps along Erie Street. Cars fly down from Newark avenue at speeds in excess of 30mph, they DO NOT stop for crosswalks and my pregnant wife was just almost run over in the cross walk by a motorist who was speeding and did not stop. This neighborhood is filled with young children and speedy drivers.
  • The Bistro At Grove Square 116 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States of America - Downtown
    Scrolling sign is illegal and Jeff Favia is well aware of that fact as the city has taken him to court for this violation in the past.