Brookfield Villiage/William Patterson Park - East Bay Legacy Group

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Watching issues created after: 2017-08-01

Looking to clean the area of litter, illegal dumping, blight, graffiti, sidewalk and street repairs, and other community issues.

Please join in and participate if interested. We hope to expand the watch area or create additional watch areas when we can.

Notified About

  • 8225-8277 Baldwin St Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Coliseum Industrial
    location near this picture is the old pak & save parking lot that is now fenced all around. some people have broken fence and set up a camp with motorhome and many cars. they are tresspassing on private property and creating lots of garbage
    all of this illegal activity on Baldwin st that I have mentioned in previous reports is affecting the property values of all the surrounding business owners
    it's making the sale of old pak & save Property difficult
  • 98th Ave Oakland, CA - Elmhurst Park
    Hit a large pothole that wasn't visible while driving along Doolittle to 98th. The pot hole is located on 98th Avenue, near where Bessie Colman Drive turns into 98th Ave. After hitting the pothole my car slowed and stopped, and it wouldn't start again. Had to get towed, and a nice police officer waited with me because of the dangerous location. Potholes are no joke!
  • 9609-9699 Walter Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Brookfield Village
  • 9421-9429 Edes Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Brookfield Village
    abandoned vehicle..please tow
  • 9634 Internatioal Blvd - Cox
    This appears to be a pop-up encampment. It's blocking the gate to what appears to be a Business (9634 International Blvd).
  • 9040-9240 Edes Ave Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - Coliseum Industrial

    Abandoned autos and RVs parked from 85th ave to Jones ave.

    Parking enforcement still occurs on other local streets however it's not occuring here at edes ave.

    Enforce parking restrictions on Edes ave and remove abandoned autos. Rvs have taken over the street

  • 98th Ave Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - Brookfield Village
    Huge pothole that ate up two of my tired instantly. Very dangerous during the night time.
  • 9418 Edes Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Brookfield Village
    trash bags and tire dumped on city owned lot
  • Sidewalk damage Acknowledged
    2033 98th Avenue Oakland, California - Cox
    There is a big crack and depression in the sidewalk.
  • 9065-9201 Railroad Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Coliseum Industrial
    refrigerator and treadmill
  • 9175-9255 Edes Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Coliseum Industrial
    Multiple RVs parked for several days on the stretch between 85th and Clara st along edes Ave
  • 9539 Edes Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Brookfield Village
    trash and tires dumped