Brookfield Villiage/William Patterson Park - East Bay Legacy Group

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Watching issues created after: 2017-08-01

Looking to clean the area of litter, illegal dumping, blight, graffiti, sidewalk and street repairs, and other community issues.

Please join in and participate if interested. We hope to expand the watch area or create additional watch areas when we can.

Notified About

  • 1211 98th Ave Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - Elmhurst Park
    This pothole opened up after months of being on the verge of opening and causing a sinkhole right in the middle of the street. The city of Oakland has not done anything about the pothole and will continue to ignore it like always.
  • Nacho Spot 888 98th Ave, Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - Elmhurst Park
    There is a huge pothole in the middle of the intersection.
  • 9641–9699 San Leandro St Oakland 94603, United States - Elmhurst Park
    Extremely rough when crossing from asphalt road to concrete road on San Leandro Street. Northbound needs concrete grinding to smooth transition, southbound needs asphalt work.
  • 750 Louisiana St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Brookfield Village
    illegal dumping of appliances, mattresses and other hazardous materials. delapetated vehicles RVs and unlicensed unregistered vehicles that are inoperable and a boat that is on an unregistered trailer and is inoperable. according to the homeless encampment rv dwellers that are there. the man in the photo is playing security for the encampment and not allowing some vehicles to pass without threatening them and threatening to damage there vehicles he apparently resides in the vehicle parked in front of the white box truck which is part of the homeless encampment and in front of the rv with the boat and non registered pop up to the right side of Louisiana if you are going towards Walter street. he even let a blue nose pitbull out on someone trying to walk down lousiana street towards Walter and that dog is staying in the white box truck or rv by the green building.
  • 98th Ave And San Leandro St. Oakland, California - Elmhurst Park
    Homeless shelter, located on train tracks (below elevated BART tracks) on southeast corner of 98th and San Leandro, adjacent to business (located at 9957 Medford). Homeless shelter caught fire at 8:30 pm on 9/21. Fire Dept called to put out fire. Remaining debris needs to be removed.
  • 9422 Edes Ave Oakland 94603, United States - Brookfield Village
    Trap RV with drugs is back after removal
    of all RV’s trespassers
  • 9415 Edes Avenue Oakland, California - Brookfield Village

    9400 or 9500 Edes Ave Oakland 94603

    On Edes in a field vacant lot! Homeless broke locks and trespassed! Why is this ok?!

    City building has been evaded by homeless Encampment in residential area where children and teens play and go to school the sports center draws a lot of kids and they walk by all the time and the school takes daily field trips to the library on Edes to have them see filth and unsanitary conditions where they live is dispicable and the city needs to take care of THEIR PROBLEM and not just throw it to the citizens to deal with because we are not as rich as the other areas in Oakland such as the Hills they would not tolerate this so why should WE! Save BROOKFIELD!!! It was changing until this ISSUE!! and This will lower the VALUE of our Homes!!!! 🏡

  • 9724-9798 San Leandro St Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - Elmhurst Park
    Huge depression and a ridge-like monstrosity northbound direction on San Leandro St across all lanes right after crossing intersection with 98th ave. 50 yards up the road there is another monstrosity across all lanes. Can’t go around it so forced to test what’s left of your suspension after repeat daily commutes. Slows down traffic while you’re at it.
    Fix it please. Fix it now.
  • 1032 98th Ave Oakland 94603, United States - Elmhurst Park
    Box mattresses on side of road
  • 9337 Walter Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - Brookfield Village

    the people who live there took out all the things in the house and. dumped them on the street.

    all kinds of things, from sofas and other furniture, to hair brush and clothes.

  • 705 98th Ave Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - Brookfield Village
    Car eastbound on 98th crossed over into westbound lane into the front of the church located at . This has occurred twice. We are requesting the placement of bollards to keep this from reoccurring
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    9823 Pippin St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst