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  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    3500-3548 West St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Hoover-Foster
    No. no more! New homeless encampment right near the Hoover School under underpass at 35 th street and West. Tent set up. We have 7 encampments with in walking distance from this tent. The one in MLK blocks the sidewalk and is a real problem. No more. Please take care of this. The tent can and should be set up in the city sanctioned encampments.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    661 34th Street Oakland California - Hoover-Foster
    The homeless encampment has got to go on MLK between 36th and 37th streets. It's a den of drugs, prostitution, and garbage. You can't even walk on the sidewalk - both sides are completely blocked.
    I've filed a grievance with the police dept to enforce the laws that prohibit these tent cities, but I'm sure it will go nowhere. Someone has to do something, though. This area is a direct route to BART for many of us and it's dangerous and disgusting.
  • 2300-2398 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Hoover-Foster
    Furniture, toxic waste, syringes , feces
  • Burned RV Archived
    3437 West St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Hoover-Foster
    burned shell of RV and pile of rubble beside it spilling over to the roadway
  • Market St And 35th Oakland, California - Hoover-Foster
    Homeless encampment under the bridge, between 35th and 36th and Market St. Camp is growing bigger. It was one tent, now it's more than 5 and it will grow if you don't stop this. It is not safe for adults and especially KIDS to walk to school. Please help!
  • 800 33rd St. Oakland, California - Hoover-Foster
    There's a large RV frequently parked on this street with a companion white/yellow box truck. Tonight the RV was spewing gallons of some foul-smelling liquid (maybe grey water?) all over the street. This is right in front of the playground of a day care center, and right across the street from an elementary school.
  • Dumped box spring Acknowledged
    731 30th Street Oakland, CA - Hoover-Foster

    Dumped box spring on sidewalk on south side of 30th street between MLK/West. Was previously in the street.

    Also another mattress on sidewalk a few houses up on same side of street.

  • 661 27th St Oakland 94612, United States - Hoover-Foster
    Stripped car
  • 33 Rd Street Oakland, CA - Hoover-Foster

    A van with ladders on top have been parking same spot over months. On 33RD st and San Pablo ave.

    There a very stench smell from the van like dead animal.

    Please towe it away because many tickets has been issued and not thing changes

  • 841 28th St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Hoover-Foster
    Abandoned White Suburban. it's been parked in the same spot for over 30 days. no one is in the vehicle, it has been abandoned
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    3500 West St Oakland 94608 United States - Hoover-Foster
    New tents up on east side of the street, 3500 block of West, under the overpass - one red, one blue. They do not appear to be occupied at present, but the red one ha been here before, and takes up most of the sidewalk.
  • 650-662 27th St Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Hoover-Foster