Bridge Street Neck

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Bridge Street Neck is currently under a multi-million dollar clean up: repave, period lighting, brick sidewalks. It's going to look splendid but that's only the beginning.

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  • St Peter Street At Bridge Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem

    I routinely cross Bridge St at this intersection with my young child at about 820 every morning. Two days ago we were nearly hit by a car in the crosswalk in that the bumper made contact with my purse inside the crosswalk --- while we had the crosslight. Then today cars blocked the crosswalk during a red light, making it difficult for me to safely cross the street in the time allotted by the crosslight.

    This intersection needs some immediate TLC either in the form of a barrel in the middle of the crosswalk reminding drivers there is a crosswalk or in the form of police monitoring the traffic for a few days. Drivers need reminding that the road needs to be shared with pedestrians and they need to not block or enter the crosswalks when they have a red light and pedestrians have the crosslight.

    Thank you.

    *Editing to clarify the issue is in crossing Bridge St from the St. Peter street side to the apartment complex side.

  • Intersection Of Webb & Bridge Streets Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    This traffic light is an ongoing issue and really needs to resolved by the city permanently. The green light to turn left from Webb onto Bridge Street must be one of the slowest light transitions in the city. Sometimes the other traffic lights and walk signals cycle through twice before the light turns green to allow a left turn onto Bridge St. This yesterday and this morning more than 4 cars took left turns on the red light. Very dangerous and frustrating for those of us who live in the Common, Collins Cove and Willows neighborhoods who use this route every day. Please address!
  • 33-45 Saint Peter Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Traffic signal facing Saint Peter Street only turns green when drivers pull into the crosswalk. If a driver waits behind the crosswalk, the light will not turn green, leading to long traffic delays.
  • 10-12 Conant Street Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Good morning,
    There has not been a plow down Conant St. Since before 2 pm Monday afternoon, not only has the street been severely narrowed but as a result, cars are getting stuck and spinning out. There are driveways that are being blocked at the end of our dead end street by huge piles of snow that are being left by plows. The banks on the side of the street are making it increasingly difficult for people to get in and out of their driveways hitting snow banks and getting stuck. I worry that any emergency vehicles are not going to be able to get down to assist anyone who may need it. This is a problem that is becoming more and more dangerous with each storm.
  • 170-220 Bridge St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Snow removal request. Handicapped and others cannot access the crosswalk button. The walk and ramp are not clear so anyone with mobility issues has to trudge through snow to access the crosswalk button and the ramp.
  • 136 Bridge Street Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    I was almost struck by a truck last night. I was careful to check to make sure no one was coming, however the truck was speeding & came out of no where. This is at a busy intersection.
  • Cross Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    The sidewalk behind Magic Muffler is always neglected, overgrown in the summer, not raked in the fall, and unshoveled in the winter. Now apparently it has become a spot for xmass tree dumping as well. I have repeatedly raked out the storm drain next to this sidewalk during rain events to resolve minor flooding/pooling issues, but it is difficult to keep up with all the debris from this area. Can anything be done about this ????
  • 21 Lemon St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    The new owner of 24 Lemon Street had her construction crew cut down all of the reeds and trees on the public side of the fence next to her property today, along the Bridge Street footpath/bike path. Since the fence isn't even part of her property line (according to the flags on the property), I assume the destruction on the other side of the fence is public property. That buffer existed to dampen the sound/pollution from the train and car traffic. I am afraid of what she will do next without supervision, as there are other old trees and decorative bushes along the path that connects to Cross Street from the main path.
  • 121 Bridge St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Snow and ice not removed or salted outside residences of 121 and 123 bridge st.
  • 184-198 Webb St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    At about 6:55 the light did not change so that It was not possible to take a left turn from Web Street onto Bridge Street.
  • St. Peter And Bridge St. Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Multiple cycles of traffic signal skip green light for motorists on St. Peter Street. Eventually drivers are forced to run red light. This has been a problem previously and occurs intermittently.
  • Smith Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Smith street has not received mail at all this week. Northey St and Lemon st have received mail. Mail carrier never bothered to walk down Smith street today.