Napier Heights Neighborhood

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Watching issues created after: 2017-08-31

Napier Heights Neighborhood watch area

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  • 2069 Beech Avenue Macon, Georgia - Macon
    If possible, could you sweep ALL of Beech - North to West?
  • 1255 Blackmon Avenue Macon, GA - Macon
    tree down across the alley
  • 2373 Napier Avenue Macon, GA - Macon
    Replace 2 carts
  • 980 Patterson St Macon, Georgia - Macon
    This is an illegal boarding house with rooms rented by the week to homeless people and drug addicts. The home is dilapidated with no working utilities and the residents are burning huge piles of trash, house debris, plastic, rubber, and chemicals on a daily and nightly basis to keep warm. It makes the neighborhood smell and it is also dangerous. The house also attracts vagrants, drug deals, and theft in the neighborhood. The residents are living in deplorable conditions. This place needs to be shut down and/or demolished. Who do we report this to?
  • 2111 Montpelier Avenue Macon, GA - Macon
    Customer called to request a replacement garbage cart. Current cart is missing a lid.
  • Carling Avenue Macon, GA - Macon
    Please sweep the entire street of debris that was left from the IRMA pickup.
  • Vine Street Macon, GA - Macon
  • 688 Patterson Street Macon, GA - Macon
    Customer came in to request a garbage cart.
  • 2081 Montpelier Ave Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Customer has tree limbs to be removed.
  • 2337 Napier Avenue Macon, GA - Macon
    Large pecan tree has fallen across a city owned alley
  • 2511 Napier Ave Macon, Georgia - Macon
    We think someone stole our garbage cart and gave us their broken one. The lid is missing. They also stole my sister's cart (the house is a duplex with 2 units/carts) - if we can also get a new one for her unit that would be great.
  • Blackmon Avenue Macon, GA - Macon


    DATE; 10-31-2017 (TUESDAY)