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  • 40th Ln S Tukwila 98188, United States - Tukwila
    Showed up Thursday night and still there. People living inside.
  • 4258 S 137th Pl Tukwila 98168, United States - Tukwila

    Car parked illegally and person may be living inside

    Illegally parked car and looks like someone is living in it. Been here for a day or two. My truck across the street had gas stolen over night. Could be related or not. Hasn’t been a problem for a long time. Kind of coincidental. If nothing else, the car should not be parked where it is.

  • S 140th St & 44th Ave S Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila
    Everyday several cars are parked here in the street
  • 5604 S 150th St Seattle, WA, 98188, USA - Tukwila
    Dumped junk truck in front of same house for 12 days. Needs to be towed immediately. Using street as junkyard. Plate C00069H. Chevy custom deluxe with junk canopy no grill and flat tire
  • 3601–3899 S 115th St Tukwila 98168, United States - Tukwila
    5 vehicles and camper some without plates have been here for few days
  • 11902 Interurban Pl S Tukwila, WA 98168, USA - Tukwila
    Is there a possibility of the city to install a sound barrier that would shield the Duwamish neighborhood along S Interurban from the highway noise?
    It seems it would also be a preventative safety measure from stopping a possible out of control vehicle from plowing down onto the street & walk/bike trail parallel.
  • 3520 South 146th Street Seattle, Washington - Tukwila
    This location on S. 146th st and 35th ave S is a school bus stop. There constantly are vehicles parked on the east side of 35th and S. side on S 146th in various states of repair and people living out of them. 70 to 80 elementary children witness alcohol, drugs activity and prostitution in and around these vehicles routinely. Can't the City post this area either No Parking or No parking longer than 48 hrs anything in the name of safety and security for our children? HELP
  • Illegal Parking Acknowledged
    12525 E Marginal Way S Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila
    Multiple vehicles parked in the designated bike lane along E Marginal Way. Also parking on the sidewalk at same location.
  • 4311 South 124th Street Tukwila, WA 98178, United States of America - Tukwila
    FYI - RV has been parked at the TCC for two days...
  • 12210 42nd Avenue South Tukwila, WA 98168, United States of America - Tukwila
  • Other Archived
    11998 Interurban Ave S Tukwila, WA 98168, USA - Tukwila
    Camping ON bike trail, again.
    This is a danger to cyclists and sleeping occupant.
    T PD please respond today.
  • 3826 S 116th St Tukwila 98168, United States - Tukwila
    Multiple RV’s and cars have been parked along the river for days. The camp seems to be growing every day as well. The location is posted as 6 hour max parking. Please give these folks notice before the holiday weekend... thank you.