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  • 7605 Se 27th Street Mercer Island, Washington - Mercer Island
    In the parking lot there is a parking spot bumper, where the car stops as it pulls into a parking spot, that has been moved and the rebar that holds it down is sticking straight up out of the ground. It is a hazard and I've marked it with a "caution" sign and pink tape so no one falls on it.
  • 5116 S 158th St Tukwila, WA 98188, USA - Tukwila
    An old basketball hoop was dumped in Crystal Springs park.
  • 35731 W Valley Hwy S Algona, WA 98001, USA - Algona
    This trailer has been parked in the same spot for a year. The back doors have been open for several months. Now there is a bunch of garbage spilling out of the trailer. There is a spider web on the left side - so there hasn't been any movement.
  • Tree Issues Archived
    18833 Stone Ave N Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    Tree branches extend toward the property's front yard and roof, blocking too much sun rays that help reducing moss growth, also shedding yellow sticky cones on yard or parking cars. Request to trim extending branches. Thank you.
    Thuha Nguyen
  • 3601 Beacon Ave S Seattle 98108, United States - Beacon Hill
    The Jefferson Park men’s bathroom urinals each have a plastic tab with a swastika printed on them placed in the urinal. Either placed by Nazis or by people who prefer @#$% on the swastika? I’m gonna say probably Nazis.
  • River Dr Auburn, WA, 98002, USA - Auburn
    Across the river from the Dog Park (Roegner Park area) , upriver from the Riverside High School is a large homeless encampment directly on the river. Lots of junk, debris, tarps, tents and multiple sites. It seems to be expanding. Highly visible from the walking trail.
  • 14426 Southeast 139th Place Renton, Washington - East Renton Highlands
    The freshly fixed and stained bench at the Maplewood Park playground has a busted span.
  • 20424 7th Place South Des Moines, WA - Des Moines

    I am asking why in this day and age that we are trying to get our best mileage on our vehicles The cross walk light at the parking lot for the Des Moines creek trail , S. 200th and about 24th is going red every five minutes, 24 hours a day. Most of the time no one is using the crosswalk or driving out of the parking lot. So we sit there for no reason wasting our fuel and time. If this is a wash-dot or King County issue please pass this on to them.

    Thank you, Dan Power

  • 3931 East Lake Sammamish Parkway Ne Sammamish, Washington - Sammamish
    Next to the Jogging/Bike Trail owned by the County, is a gravel drive that comes off East Lake Sammamish Parkway, and goes to the four homes just south of the park. There is a wood fence that seperates the gravel driveway and the park land that needs to be repaired. You can very easily drive along and see the fence posts ad railing that need to be replaced or repaired. The County say that you own the land and the fence and it is your responsibility to repair it.
  • Park Issue Archived
    1001-1199 N Riverside Dr Renton, WA, 98057, USA - Renton
    the walk way lights need to come on earlier in the night. the trail starts to get dark around 6:45pm
  • 17500-17598 40th Ave S Seattle, WA, 98188, USA - SeaTac
    this showed up the morning of 10-9-19 AFTER a travel trailer was dumped (a neighbor saw it parked down on 34th) here, in the same spot. this needs to be dealt with as NOT to attract more trouble to the area.
  • 17210 3rd Ave Nw Shoreline 98177, United States - Shoreline
    Trash needs to be emptied please.