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  • Traffic Signs Archived
    1566 Ne Serpentine Pl Shoreline 98155, United States - Shoreline
    I’m updating my comment about parking that makes the intersection unsafe. I see it showed up as being in a driveway, but that’s not the issue.
  • 15th St Sw & Market St Sw Auburn, WA, 98001, USA - Auburn
    The pot hole is right at the corner, close to the curb, of the right, east bound lane where you make a right turn into the Zones parking lot.
    Can't miss it. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. Thanks! Dave 206-697-7201
  • 16800 31st Ave S Seattle, WA, 98188, USA - SeaTac
    Someone dumped a load of garbage at the deadend of 31st AV S just north of 168th Pl S. I don't think it was there yesterday when I took my garbage to the curb. It's on the street and maybe a little on the curb. Behind Masterpark Garge.
  • Park Issue Closed
    230 Main Ave S Renton, WA 98057, USA - Renton
    tons of rats/mice between ghy bikes and veterans park.
  • 6084–6098 Peasley Canyon Rd S Auburn 98001, United States - Auburn
    Peasley Park and ride
  • 2925 Auburn Way N Auburn, WA 98002, USA - Auburn
    people living in cars and wandering the street in traffic
  • Graffiti Archived
    739 Shelton Ave Ne Renton, WA, 98056, USA - Renton
    Please do something about this! Every single weekend and usually a couple times a week we are seeing the same graffiti. Also there was a large beer and drug party last night with a massive mess left behind. We love our parks! Please help!
  • Interurban Trl Shoreline 98133, United States - Shoreline
    Graffiti on fence
  • 739 Shelton Ave Ne Renton, WA 98056, USA - Renton
    Kiwanis park was again assaulted by graffiti. This time it was between 11:30 and 11:45 Sunday night. I was in my yard and could hear a bunch of guys speaking Spanish and laughing. they all left together and a few minutes later I could smell paint. I shined my flashlight and the backstop was once again all marked up. I invite Renton police to sit in my yard next Sunday night to catch these guys in the act! This is actually Tagging!
  • Park Issue Archived
    1001-1199 N Riverside Dr Renton, WA, 98057, USA - Renton
    the walk way lights need to come on earlier in the night. the trail starts to get dark around 6:45pm
  • 208 Pelly Ave N Renton, WA, 98057, USA - Renton
    The "Bump" sign immediately behind my garage, in the alley between Park Avenue and Pelly Ave N is not firmly anchored and is banging into my garage causing damage to the roof. I would respectfully request you anchor the sign, perhaps in concrete as it is evident the hole the sign has been set in is not nearly deep enough to provide adequate support to prevent further damage. Thank you.
  • 17500-17598 40th Ave S Seattle, WA, 98188, USA - SeaTac
    this showed up the morning of 10-9-19 AFTER a travel trailer was dumped (a neighbor saw it parked down on 34th) here, in the same spot. this needs to be dealt with as NOT to attract more trouble to the area.