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  • 4640 S 144th St Tukwila 98168, United States - Tukwila
    Parking associated with the construction work being done for Foster High School at the corner of 142nd and 42nd Ave S poses an unsafe driving and walk situation on an already blind corner without a sidewalk or area for safe pedestrian passage. High school students regularly walk this way and the current parking no longer allows two cars to pass safely, let alone pedestrians. I have been in a couple “near miss” accidents with other cars coming from the opposite direction.
  • 14934 51st Ave S Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila
    The skid marks on the road here are from some idiot that was driving way to fast going north on 51st. The posted speed limit is 25 but everyone drives at 45-50 down this road. This particular incident happened because of high speed a small hill and a guy on a bike riding down the road. The driver almost hit the bike at high speed because of the blind hill with my driveway is on and because of his speed. Ive made complaints before but it will probably take a child or someone getting killed before you actually try to fix the speeding issue on this road. Put in some speed bumps, speed signs that measure and post your speed, more patrols or something! Anything! There are no side walks or safe crossing on this street at all and I know there are several family's with kids like me. We have to cross the street and walk on the side of the road with @#$% flying by us at 40+ miles per hour. Get someone out here to put in sidewalks, safe crossings and speed bumps or someone is going to get hit and hopefully it doesnt happen to a kid.
  • 4461 S 158th St Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila

    Tukwila Works:

    A U-haul truck is permanently parking on the street in front of the house across the street from me. The address is 4461 S. 158th St. The weight written on the truck is “Under 14,050.”
    This is the second time I have contacted you about the same truck. The first time was about 1.5 years ago. At that time I was mainly concerned with the result, so did not request a follow up. As it was, soon after, a gravel pad off the street was installed and the truck was then parked there.
    The truck owner seemed to move away as I no longer saw the truck. Now, it is again regularly being parked on the street. It is an eyesore, certainly. It also blocks drivers' view.
    I have sent two photos I took yesterday. This time, I want a follow up.

    Sandra Kruize

  • Camping Acknowledged
    14213 34th Avenue South Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    Truck (C38597K) and camp trailer (brown) no plates. parked facing wrong way. This house is abandoned and is a chronic problem.
  • 13919 Tukwila International Blvd Tukwila, WA 98168, USA - Tukwila
    They are still parkkng on the sidewalk.
    I have watched these people and they seem to just not care about park on ng illegally.
    if you look in the pictures I think it's the same cars every day.
  • 13603 1/2 42nd Ave S Tukwila 98168, United States - Tukwila
    Not sure of the address. As you come down the hill on 42nd Ave S, it turns into 40TH Ave S. There is an old park no longer maintained by the city, the car is parked there in the woods.
    On the east side if the street.
  • 14002 Tukwila International Blvd Seattle, WA 98168, USA - Tukwila
    As usual, parking on the sidewalk. Not just one car but 5.
  • Bay Value Service South 133rd Street, Tukwila, WA 98188, United States of America - Tukwila
    Under brighe
  • 14224 Tukwila International Blvd Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila
    Multiple vehicles parking for extended periods longer than 24hrs. This area needs to have a limited time for parking especially for the patrons of the new library to have access since 11 parking spots are not enough.
    I have personally noted this yellow/black vehicle has not moved in 6 days.
  • 3807 South 128th Street Tukwila, WA 98168, United States of America - Tukwila
  • Southcenter Mall Seattle, WA, 98188, USA - Tukwila
    I'm not sure to whom I should report this, but I'm starting with the police department. Thursday, May 30 about 11:30 AM I was in the left turn lane on Minkler, waiting to turn left onto the Parkway. I had a red light. I saw a huge semi truck start to turn left onto Minkler. As he turned the corner I could see he wasn't going to clear it and I was in grave danger. Without looking I put the car in reverse and hit the gas. Thankfully the car behind me did as well and I was able to get out of the truck's way. Needless to say, I was scared to death. The semi never once slowed down and seemed oblivious to me sitting there. If I hadn't been able to move, he would have taken out several vehicles besides myself. That particular intersection should not have semis turning from the Parkway onto Minkler, left OR right. There is not enough room (this is right by the Red Robin). Unfortunately, while this was happening, I neglected to see what company the semi was with AND I hadn't yet installed my dash cam in my car. I don't know if you can do anything but I would like to suggest that semis not be allowed to turn onto Minkler from the Parkway. Thank you very much.
  • 3729 S 142nd St Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila
    This green Ford Ranger truck has been marked by Tukwila Police 6-8-19. Is this the date it was supposed to be towed or is it 3 days from the date? Either way it's way past the tow date! Please do your jobs and get this vehicle off the street! Parking is bad enough here!