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  • Illegal Parking Acknowledged
    4262 S 137th Pl Tukwila 98168, United States - Tukwila

    Another car is using this dead end street as a place to hide from sight (but not so out of sight) to loiter and engage in suspicious behaviors.

    The solution to this problem is clear: move the fence at the end of the street down the hill about 100 yards to the edge of the last driveway. This would eliminate the “hiding spot” aspect of the street, and greatly reduce illegal activities.

  • 15400 65th Ave S Seattle, WA, 98188, USA - Tukwila
    Tukwila Park has a couple of issues making it unpleasant to use. First, there is no running water in the women's restroom. Second, someone appears to have vandalized many structures (table, slide, garbage can) with white paint or some other substance. It's usually such a well- maintained park so I wanted to pass on what I observed
  • 13909-13947 53rd Ave S Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila
    This is just one example of a complete lack of erosion and sediment control on the 53rd Avenue South Project. This specific case is in the parking lot of Joseph Foster Park. There is no sock on this drain, and nothing is being done to contain rain/silt within the project area/limits. The drains that do have socks and have not been changed frequently. The sediment is not only dumping into the river, but I question the integrity of a new system that is now likely filled with sediment. Furthermore, the stretch of 139th Street between 53rd and 51st is also a mess. This is where soil is being imported/exported by the contractor. There is a silt fence around the pile, but it's not doing anything. The lower park is being flooded with silty, soupy, mud. Maybe it was part of the TESC plan to allow this field to become a drain field, but I don't have those plans, and don't know what the permit allows. I find it hard to believe that the measures that are currently in place are within the City or State regulations for Stormwater Prevention on a construction site.
  • 12210 42nd Avenue South Tukwila, WA 98168, United States of America - Tukwila
  • 13716–13798 Macadam Rd S Tukwila 98168, United States - Tukwila
    White car
  • 4000-4014 S 144th St Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila

    Parking at the new Tukwila library is not a 'challenge': it's an impossibility.

    It appears people working in the SHAG buildings, visitors to them, or residents who have not paid high fees for a parking stall, all end up filling the library's parking lot.

    This is an impossible situation for library patrons, who have every right and need to be able to visit the library by car, and stay there are reasonable length of time: a few minutes, or a couple of hours. They cannot do so now.

    The ordinary workweek day sees a completely full parking lot, and yet if you go into the library, you will find very few patrons there. The problem is parking by people who are not library patrons, yet that parking lot, small though it is, was intended for library patrons only.

    The most immediate and expedient cure would be to designate the lot as “Parking for Lbrary Patrons Only – All Others Will Be Towed”. (Perhaps some of the spaces could be shared somewhat: “Parking For Library Patrons Or Community Center Visitors Only...”. A time limit of, say, 2 hours, added to such notices, would help. It would also help if a couple of spaces were marked “10-minute Parking For Pickup/Check Out of Materials Only”, similar to designated spaces near restaurants for picking up of takeout orders only.

    Street parking is next to irrelevant in this case. There are next-to-no spaces available on that short stretch of South 1/44th.

    No one connected to the SHAG buildings should be permitted to use these spaces, at all. Nor should construction crew members working on the next SHAG building projects.

    The situation could be ameliorated, if not solved, by having some reasonable amount of overflow parking available, at some reasonably close additional parking lot. But whatever solutions need to be made – temporary or permanent – the current situation is – with no exaggeration – impossible.

  • 4258 S 137th Pl Tukwila 98168, United States - Tukwila

    Car parked illegally and person may be living inside

    Illegally parked car and looks like someone is living in it. Been here for a day or two. My truck across the street had gas stolen over night. Could be related or not. Hasn’t been a problem for a long time. Kind of coincidental. If nothing else, the car should not be parked where it is.

  • 4311 South 124th Street Tukwila, WA 98178, United States of America - Tukwila
    FYI - RV has been parked at the TCC for two days...
  • 12424 42nd Ave S Seattle, WA 98168, USA - Tukwila
    These people camp all over Allentown. They have been reported several times. Please help us!!!
  • Camping Archived
    4301 S 124th St Tukwila, WA 98178, USA - Tukwila
    3 more groups of people camping in the north row of the TCC parking lot. I was going to call my city council member, but I was unable to find a phone number on the webpage. Does anyone have it?
  • 44th Ave S Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila

    Motor home living at Duwamish Park.

    Its been their for a week and is accompanied with a white Ford F150. It used to be along the river on 42nd Ave S across from Poverty Hill Park everyday for a month and has now moved into the neighborhood.

    Tukwila is turning into Seattle's Homeless problem so please stay on top of this ongoing issue.

  • 15310 Macadam Road South Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    People parking in the restricted yellow zones directly outside of our condo entrance/exit has been an ongoing issue. Due to the way Macadam Rd S is angled, if cars park in the restricted zones directly to the left and/or right of the entrance, it visually blocks the view of oncoming traffic for residents who are trying to pull out onto Macadam Rd S. I would estimate that there are cars parked there approximately 70% of the time and I have nearly been hit by oncoming traffic three times now in the last month because these cars block the view of any traffic already on the road. This is a major safety hazard and an accident will occur if parking enforcement does not monitor this road on a regular basis.