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  • 29 Tour Avenue New Haven Connecticut - Westville
    The preschool at 3 Tour Avenue would like access to the river walk, located next to the playground at 29 Tour Avenue. We would like an opening created in the metal fence along Tour Avenue. This way, we can easily take our preschoolers for walks along the river or over to the playground on Blake Street. We would also appreciate a dedicated crosswalk on Tour from our playground to the river walk. We thank the city in advance for making this happen!
  • 538-542 Central Ave New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Second crash in as many months this morning at Willard & Central. An all-way stop would be much safer!
  • 163 Bradley St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - SOHU
    Non permitted car.
  • 289-301 Willow St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Why isn't more being done to address the significant increase in crime to East Rock. My tax assessment jumped considerably and so did the crime in the neighborhood with so many posts about cars and houses being broken jnto. What is the City doing to address this other than throw another report on the pile? We need an action plan!
  • Wooster Square Park New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    I am a dog lover, and I worked with others to create a space for off leash dogs to run at 59 Fair St. Recently, instead of walking a few blocks to Union St Dog Park, people have been allowing their dogs to run off leash in Wooster Square. At first, it was just now and then - and the dogs were well behaved and walked closely with their owners. Now it is an everyday occurrence, with a regular group meeting after work at the park's center. I have an old dog so I give these unleashed dogs lots of space but, within the past 2 weeks, large dogs have run at us, one jumping on me and scratching my legs as I picked up my small dog. The owners were unapologetic and responded "whatever" when I asked them to leash their dogs so, as usual, a few jerks ruin it for everyone. I see NHPD in the park frequently (thanks for that), but they don't seem to say anything to these owners. Perhaps it's not their job to enforce city ordinances, but someone should. Also, FWIW, I've noticed more dog feces in the park. Perhaps it's more difficult to clean up after a dog if they are running off leash and the owner is far away/not paying close attention. I hate that I'm this person, but we all need to be considerate of others.
  • East Shore Dog Park New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore


    The fence at the dog park is in need of repair. Both large and small dog park entrance gates and the double doors in the large dog park where they open the gates to get the mower in are bent so the doors no longer close and dogs are starting to slip through the cracks. Someone put a baby gate against the hole in the large dog park but this will not solve the problem in the long term. The handles to the entrance gates are bent so they no longer close shut as well.

    Thank you.

  • Health Dept. Archived
    38-50 Nash St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    A young Caucasian male, guessing in his early 30's, is letting his dog crap on anyone and everyone's lawn. I've now caught him in the act twice, and as of this morning, I know he lives at 50 Nash Street.
    I asked him nicely to pick up the dog crap this morning, but after saying that the dog had diarrhea, he has a vision problem. Not the dog. The kid. As if to excuse himself from dealing with the feces.
    I explained to him that it is a city ordinance and that he must deal with it otherwise I was going to report him. Well. He walked away from the crap and went inside his home.
    The dog is somewhat of a pitbull mix. Mostly brown.
  • Chapel And Academy St New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    How much tax payer money did we waste to have a cop parked in front of the Columbus statue last night and today? It's bad enough to have this ridiculous holiday to commemorate a pretty awful person, but major insult to injury to waste even more money defending the statue.
  • 569 Whitney Ave New Haven Connecticut - East Rock

    My locked car was broken into on the night of 10/15/2017. At this time, an adjacent car was broken into and stolen: ~2015 Orange Hyundai Accent, NC plates.

    Both cars were fully locked before we left them. As there was no damage to my car, we believe the thieves gained access to our cars' keyless entry systems.

  • 57 Olive St New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    St. Paul & St. James offers laudable services to the local homeless population and many of us admire that. However, it is completely nonsensical for them to run these services out of a church in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Every day I see a mass exodus of homeless from downtown to Wooster Sq where they loiter outside the church. Recently many of these folks have occupied the now defunct/abandoned former "Joker's WIld" club where my neighbors and I have observed them shooting up heroin. As a temporary solution, we need a more frequent police presence at this location. In the long term, St Paul & St James should relocate their homeless services to another location. It is crazy to draw vagrants and drug addicts to a family neighborhood rather than going downtown to serve them directly.
  • Orange And Bradley New Haven Connecticut - SOHU
    Hello, New Haven Academy and local residents frequently walk around Bradley and Orange. New Haven Academy's entrance is on Bradley Street. Car traffic is aggressive due to impatience to enter 91 and 95 one block away or just exited the highway and are still driving fast. Please add a second cross walk, a flashing pedestrian crossing sign, or a school zone sign to protect pedestrians and make it clear cars are expected to drive with caution and yield to those crossing. Cars are honking their horns when people attempt to use the one existing crosswalk frustrated that we're interrupting their traffic flow. It's not safe.
  • Whitney & Cold Spring New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    The pedestrian crossing of Cold Spring on Whitney is very dangerous, with aggressive traffic turning in all directions. A simple step that can be taken to start addressing this issue is repainting the crosswalk lines, which have worn away to almost nothing.