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Office Assistant to the Secretary of Transportation

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  • 301-307 N Blount St Raleigh, NC, 27601, USA - Blount Corridor
    There is a lack of crosswalk signaling here in North/South-bound directions. We have East/West for crossing Blount, but nothing to signal when it is safe to cross Lane.
  • 443 N Person St Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - Blount Corridor
    intersection of person and Polk Street has no crosswalk or signals but is very busy and unsafe for pedestrians. nudes a light.
  • 2101 North Hills Drive Raleigh North Carolina - Six Forks

    This failure has returned after being patched again recently. The patch continues to sink after a few days.

    The failure is where the street was patched after recent maintenance activity that began on North Hills Drive close to Lead Mine Road.. The patch has failed and sunk 6 inches causing a severe bump when driving over it; I almost lost control of my car when I hit it this morning.

  • 703 N Boundary St Raleigh, NC, 27604, USA - Mordecai
    Vegetation blocking bike lane, encroaching on car travel lane
  • 600 Drew St And 1400 Clifton St Raleigh, North Carolina - Mordecai
    On the corner of Drew and Clifton St over grown bushes that obstruct the view when trying to pull out from Drew to Clifton. I have reported this issue on click fix and to the city transportation numerous times. I contacted the city transportation dept on April 18th and no action has been taken. I have had several near misses because you have to pull out half in the road to see on going traffic. No need for a picture it is pretty obvious
  • 1-99 Mayo St Raleigh, NC, 27603, USA - Hillsborough
    This person double parks and there car sticks out in the street blocking the sight distance for neighbors backing out.
  • Pothole Archived
    106 Ashe Avenue Raleigh North Carolina - Hillsborough
    I've been waiting for months for the pavement to be fixed on Ashe Ave on the southbound side where they are building the condos. It's feels dangerous driving on the southbound side because there is a big gap in the pavement between the curb and the rest of the road so people drive a bit over the yellow line and that makes a tight driving lane
  • 109–111 S Person St Raleigh 27601, United States - Blount Corridor
    Cars parked in the travel lane of person street. Seems to happen every weekend.
  • Pothole Archived
    1125 Capital Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina - Mordecai
    The access road from Fairview Ave to the Capital Blvd exit to Wade Ave has TWO groups of major pot holes. And that is actually after one solitary but very deep pot hole closer to Bickett Blvd (it currently has a traffic cone in it - only halfway visible!). The whole access road really needs to be repaved.
  • Wake Forest Rd And Courtland Dr Raleigh, North Carolina - Blount Corridor
    Large over grown tree limbs and bushes have created limited visibility at the intersection making it impossible to see the street entrance when traveling south on Wake Forest Rd.
    Due to road construction on Courtland Dr. vehicles are traveling the opposite direction on a portion of Courtland avoid the detour even though it's clearly marked one way creating a head on collision scenario for vehicles legally turning onto Courtland Dr.
  • 1201 Wake Forest Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Blount Corridor
    At the corner of Poplar and Wake Forest Road, when attempting to turn on to Wake Forest Road from Poplar, there is ;limited visibility of south bound traffic due to shrubs on property at 1201 Wake Forest Road. This issue has been reported and eventually fixed in the past but shrubs are once again obscuring the view of oncoming traffic without pulling into the lanes of oncoming southbound Wake Forest Rd. traffic
  • 101 N Wilmington St Raleigh 27601, United States - Blount Corridor
    Red Jeep Cherokee
    NC State Parks license plate A199
    Cracked windshield. Parked here for months. Registration expired.