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  • 6305 Belle Crest Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District A

    This saga started 10/28. We discovered upon our return from a trip that extensive cable install/repair was underway involving ATT and Spectrum. Apparently a new install of Spectrum services had interrupted ATT cable service.

    USIC arrived eventual an re-mapped/labeled the routings. When we left for a short weekend trip on Saturday, the ATT cable had been repaired and reburied. There was no change in the Spectrum cable install.

    Upon our return this evening, we were advised by our neighbor that work had started sometime late Sunday morning. At the point that we began documenting the extreme safety hazard we has multiple deep trenches and one hole within the utility easement. These obstacles in addition to the large assumed Spectrum cable were not properly marked. By that I mean there was a warning on only the street side of the work site. The approaches to the trenches, hole, and cable were not provided with any warning to the home owner or residence of the property. No one was identified as "owner of the work in progress". The only indication of ownership of the work in progress was a damaged trailer licensed plate. All of the previously existing road debris had need "blown" onto the properly of the home owner.

    Documentation of the pre-existing and current existing status of the "work site" can be provided in JPG media format.

  • 603 W Morgan St Raleigh, NC, 27603, USA - Hillsborough

    Needs a crosswalk between One Glenwood and the parking garage behind it on Morgan St. People are darting across the road and cars frequently speed down Morgan. A crosswalk with a flashing sign would make a world of difference.

    Please!? So tired of getting hit almost daily.

  • 5424 Wade Park Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    Traffic on the ramp exiting westbound Wade Avenue onto Southbound Oberlin flows onto a ramp with apparent right of way, but recently a new subdivision on this compound ramp / side road that also services traffic to Westbound Wade creates the potential for drivers originating from the new neighborhood street headed left toward Oberlin to conflict with drivers exiting westbound Wade. There needs to be clear markings and signage to determine right of way.
  • Calvin Rd Raleigh, NC, 27605, USA - Hillsborough

    On Friday and Saturday evenings, patrons from Glenwood are urinating in bushes in front of several houses and in gutters along Calvin Road.

    Also, several property owners have witnessed drivers, that appear to be impaired, driving away around 2:00 am.

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    Wake Forest Road And Wake Towne Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks
    This is a traffic flow issue and something that will increase in urgency when the Wegmans shopping center is completed. The traffic lights at the intersection of Wake Forest Road and Wake Towne Blvd does not have arrows and the yield/right of way approach does not work for many drivers. When waiting to turn left out of wake towne to head towards 440 for example, there should be a part in the cycle for a green left arrow. Otherwise one may wait several light cycles to turn left due to increased traffic with residential developments in the area. Additionally, for those leaving the Trader Joe's side of Wake Towne and trying to head straight across towards the apartments/townhomes on that street, many drivers expect those across to be turning left and they turn without waiting thus creating concern that accidents could occur. I would love for the city of Raleigh to look into this please as this would be an easy fix and not have to be changed when other Midtown area developments are done (Wegmans etc) and would help improve traffic flow and safety greatly. Thank you!
  • 1801-1851 Benehan St Raleigh, NC 27605, USA - Hillsborough
    Leaves blocking road Road This makes two-way traffic not possible.
  • 208 Hillcrest Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough

    There is a duplex with students here and there is a considerable amount of debris and trash in their front yard on almost a daily basis.

    Can they be warned to clean it up or can the owner be notified? It is the 206-208 Hillcrest Road duplex in Cameron park

  • 1700 Patton Raleigh, North Carolina - Five Points
    Large boat permanently parked on corner of Patton and New Roads; traffic obstruction, unsightly; been there for months; "for rent" sign on property for months. home may be leased; Boat left/parked by owner.
  • 109–111 S Person St Raleigh 27601, United States - Blount Corridor
    Cars parked in the travel lane of person street. Seems to happen every weekend.
  • 6120 Duraleigh Rd Raleigh, NC 27612, USA - Northwest
    There are three lanes on Duraleigh Rd just SW of the intersection at Glenwood Ave. but you can't tell because the lane lines have completely worn off of the roadway surface.
  • 4216 Converse Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - Falls Of Neuse
    Chain link safety fence for Big Branch Creek was taken down by a driver coming down Compton Road that lost control of his vehicle. The poles are scattered in the creek and part of the fence is now in Big Branch Creek collecting debris. Some of the houses in this area flood if the creek is blocked with debris. The fact that the fence is down is a safety issue with Douglas elementary school down the street. It also appears that the concrete abutment may have been cracked from the impact of the automobile too. This accident occurred March 6. It is really a mess. Is the city responsible for this or, do we need to have it cleaned up?
  • 1-99 Mayo St Raleigh, NC, 27603, USA - Hillsborough
    This person double parks and there car sticks out in the street blocking the sight distance for neighbors backing out.