Ridley Township

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  • 4th&Sutton Ave Folsom P.A.19033 - Folsom
    Hole in street.
  • Lakeview Drive And Parkview Circle Ridley Park, PA - Folsom
    Most people speed down Lakeview Drive and through the stop sign on Lakeview and Parkview. Majority of the individuals speeding are the residents of the apartments
  • 600 Morton Ave - Folsom
    Heavy pedestrian traffic as this is in front of Ridley High School.
  • 2nd Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    There are 3 pot holes in the driveway that 200 Willowbrook/Edgwood share.
  • 1401-1499 Swarthmore Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    Huge dip in the road , even going slow it will scrap the bottom of your car
  • 500-798 Michell St Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Folsom
    There are easily 10 to 15 cars daily that go right through the stop signs all around this neighborhood, driving over the speed limit and hardly tapping their brakes coming to the signs. Not only are there other cars driving on these roads, but there are many children around the neighborhood. At least stop enough where you could stop fully if you need to. Ridley Police could make a fortune sitting back here for one day!
  • 600 Morton Ave - Folsom
  • 300-398 Ridley Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    People continue to cut through here to beat the traffic light at Swarthmore and Macdade Blvd. I have kids who play on the 300 block of Ridley Ave, and these cars fly up the street. They either need "DO NOT ENTER" signs for at least rush hour, or speed bumps. I was in a Delaware residential neighborhood recently and they had speed bumps which worked great!
  • 1005 8th Ave Folsom, PA - Folsom
    Knee high grass and waist high weeds. Take care of your unsightly yard.
  • 1017 Girard Ave Swarthmore, PA 19081 - Folsom
    Its been almost a year and nothing has been done to this burnt out
    and collapsed garage the runs the entire length of yard. Dangerous and ugly.
  • Morton Avenue And Macdade Boulevard Ridley Township, PA - Folsom
    Drivers rush and speed up when they approach the yellow arrow light — which cautions drivers to slow down to a stop — and five or six cars speed through this intersection well after the light has turned red. (Across the street from the police station!) Can't Ridley Township post a police officer here and start handing out some tickets? They'd make a fortune in fines!
  • 407 Morton Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    Old furniture on porch for weeks. Please keep your neighborhood tidy.