Ridley Township

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  • 122-198 Macdade Boulevard Folsom, Pennsylvania - Folsom
    School children and other pedestrians cannot easily access the Ridley Township public library, township offices, or the police station. They must walk quite a distance in the travel lanes of a busy driveway that carries automobile traffic all day long and police cars constantly hurrying off to handle emergencies. There is plenty of room to install sidewalks, and that is exactly what the township should do to show it cares about pedestrian safety and comfort.
  • 4th And Sutton Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    The dugouts are filled with carpenter bees .So kids and parents are freaking out.There was at least a dozen or so!
  • 111 Macdade Boulevard Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    This softball field is a disaster!! After a rain the field is flooded out and never cleaned up! Also the grass never gets cut!! Such a shame!! Local youth organizations use this field to practice on and cant because of the field conditions!! Come on Township!! Lets get it together and stay on top of this field!! Our kids need a practice field not a swamp!!!!!!
  • 155 6th Ave Folsom pa - Folsom
    This portable Bagster dumpster has sat by the curb on Jenks Ave all summer filled to the brim with construction debris. It detracts from the entire community, especially when other neighbors make an obvious effort to keep their property looking well-maintained.
  • 501-599 Rutledge Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
    cars & trucks speed on this street at all times of the day/night
  • Buchanan Ave. Near Furnature Store Folsom, PA - Folsom
    Pothole was filled in a short amount of time thankyou
  • pothole Open
    Macdade Blvd & Belmont Av - Fs Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Folsom
  • 1061 Girard Ave. Swarthmore PA - Folsom
    Rental Property that looks like a slum. Landlord should either get
    new tenants or clean up himself - this place is an eyesore.
  • Swarthmore & 7th Aves Folsom, Pennsylvania - Folsom
    This offset intersection sometimes confuses northbound drivers on Swarthmore Ave, causing them to blow thru the stop sign at 7th Ave and stop a few yards later at Melrose Terrace. A simple white line across the lane at the stop sign would be helpful. See pic.
  • 500-598 Parkview Cir Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Folsom
    There is a stop sign on the corner Parkview Circle and Lakeview Drive that no one obeys. Not only do drivers speed up and down Lakeview Drive, they fly right through the stop sign. Our residents are at risk, particularly the children. We have been complaining about this since we moved in - 11 YEARS AGO!! Please help keep our neighborhood safe!
  • 210 Swarthmore Ave Folsom Pa - Folsom
    I took my daughter to the playground at the school on 8th Ave it was a mess! the slide was broken beer bottles kids hanging around and there was something on the slide that looked like a dirty diaper! I think the township needs to start to foucus on the community and getting it cleaned up for families! There are drug dealers running around dirty playgounds all when the trashmen sit at our wawa's every morning and afternoon and the rest of the township is worried about the new marina! We live in ridley not chester or upper darby!
  • 701 7th Avenue Folsom, Pennsylvania - Folsom
    Ridley obviously has no concern for their citizens. This man justifies parking in front of the fire hydrant.