8th Street

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  • Street Hazard Archived
    829 Yale St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Greater Heights
    We would like our sidewalk back
  • 833 Yale St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Greater Heights
    Construction project has been abandoned and is unfinished. It's holding a large pool of stagnant water and what smells like sewerage. This is a health problem. There also appears to be structural issues. Scaffolding at multi-story height has been left un-manned for months.
  • Street Hazard Archived
    229-259 W 11th St Houston, TX 77008, USA - Greater Heights
    The messy construction site has made the sidewalk muddy and impassable by pedestrians. I saw an elderly woman pushing her wheeled cart on the roadway during rush hour because she couldn't use the sidewalk.
  • 201-211 W 11th St Houston, TX 77008, USA - Greater Heights
    NW corner of Yale and 11th, walk button has fallen off the pole and is hanging by the wires.
  • 726 Tulane St Houston TX 77007, USA - Greater Heights
    This resident has had these two recycling containers full of glass liquor bottles sitting on their property, inches from the sidewalk, for approximately 12 months. At this point they are full of rain water in addition to the glass, and several of the bottles are broken. The mosquitos breeding in the containers and the broken glass make this a hazard to public health. No one is coming to collect this "recycling." It's past time for the resident to handle this on his or her own.
  • City Engineer Acknowledged
    249 W 10th St Houston, TX 77008, USA - Greater Heights
    Resident filled in ditch with cylinder-blocks and soil. No culvert was installed. Water-flow is bloxked! Not sure if they try to build a parking pad or what they are doing.
  • City Engineer Acknowledged
    642 Heights Blvd Houston 77007, United States - Greater Heights
    MKT Trail at Heights Blvd is high traffic for trail users and cars... the need for a pedestrian hybrid beacon at this location should be studied. There is one a block east along the same trail at Yale Street.
  • Other Acknowledged
    944 Heights Blvd - Greater Heights
  • Traffic Signals Acknowledged
    1099 Nicholson Street Houston, TX 77008, United States of America - Greater Heights
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    551 N Shepherd Dr Houston, TX 77007, USA - Greater Heights
    There is a great need for additional speed limit signs. HPD is also requesting if funds are available to install a yellow flashing signal with the speed limit at the existing sign at the base of the hill or near the crest. this is response to a double fatality pedestrian accident. Please call or email with results, thnk you
  • Street Hazard Archived
    516 Allston St Houston 77007, United States - Greater Heights
    My neighbor at 517 Allston blocks off the road with this recycling bin and the orange cones so people cannot park here. These trash bins need to be collected from the road and not left out.
  • Other Archived
    Heights Central Station - Greater Heights
    Since the building of Heights Central Station, a number of cars park in this stretch illegally in the bike lane, creating a dangerous situation for cyclists. There is a no parking sign at the corner of Heights and 10 1/2, but drivers going south bound do not see it. Better signage is needed. See picture: currently three vehicles are parked in the bike lane.