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  • 35tg Avenue And E15th Street Oakland, California - Saint Elizabeth
    Large pile of trash, chairs, file cabinet, toys, clothing dumped on the sidewalk.
  • Sink Hole Archived
    1477 33rd Ave Oakland, California - Saint Elizabeth
    Theres a sinkhole that has already formed in the middle of the street directly in front of my property. I am concerned that the oncoming winter season might further erode the sinkhole into something more dangerous. Please check it out. Thank you!
  • 3750 International Blvd Oakland‎ CA‎ 94601, United States - Saint Elizabeth
    Meter # 143700-2 is not working ! I just pay a dollar something and is says 7/3 valid until 11:49 am and which it's 9/9/18 Abs 2:55pm.
  • 3230 San Leandro St. Oakland, California - Fruitvale Station
    Lots of deep cracks and a depression in the left turn lane of northbound San Leandro St. at 3230 San Leandro St. (just south of Fruitvale Ave.). The cracks can snag a bicycle wheel causing a crash.
  • 1204 Fruitvale Ave Oakland, California - Fruitvale Station
    The Domino's Pizza keeps leaving their dumpster in the bike lane, on East 12th Street. They stopped for a few weeks, after my last complaint, but they're at it again.
  • 3330 E 16th St Oakland 94601, United States - Saint Elizabeth
    3327 E. 16th St.: Dumped buckets -unknown if contents inside- and cabinet doors.
  • 1426 37th Avenue Oakland, California - Saint Elizabeth
    Baby crib and other trash
  • 1092–1190 37th Ave Oakland 94601, United States - Fruitvale Station
  • Sanborn Park 1631 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Hawthorne
    deep pothole in southbound lane
  • 3312 San Leandro St Oakland 94601, United States - Fruitvale Station
    Light has not been working since noon today. I will really appreciate it if this gets fixed before tomorrow morning. We don’t wNt to be jammed with traffic for school tomorrow
  • 34th And International Boulevard Oakland, California - Saint Elizabeth
    At the northwest corner of 34th Avenue and International Boulevard, a street vendor is impeding the ability of passengers to alight from AC Transit buses (Stop ID: 58000; line 1, 801). A wheelchair-bound individual experienced difficulty getting off the bus using the bus’s handicap ramp due to the location of the street vendor. The cart should not be operating at this location as it prevents the safe loading and unloading of passengers, some of whom have disabilities, from the bus.
  • 3625 International Boulevard OAKLAND, California - Fruitvale Station
    On street in front of La Costa restaurant. No plates. Been here for over a week.