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  • 3621 E 16th St Oakland 94601, United States - Saint Elizabeth
    Abandoned car with flat tires and no plates. Been here for a week.
  • 38th Oakland, California - Fruitvale Station
    Construction is going on, there is a house being remodeled. That being said the construction crew is blocking the whole entire right side of the street. There is a school there and it’s causing a lot of congestion where there trucks are being parked in a high traffic area. They need to move the trucks somewhere else.
  • 3201 International Blvd Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Fruitvale Station
    weeds, trash bags in this parking lot
  • 3958 International Boulevard Oakland, California - Saint Elizabeth

    MASSIVE pile of trash from nearby rv camp and highway off-ramp drug den attracts MORE garbage. You have cleaned it before and you'll clean it again and again.

    I have to walk in the street to get around this pile. It's close to 6x8x15 feet (seriously)

    If you're going to let them camp there put up. Dumpster. Give them a way to dispose of their blackwater.

    Is a sidewalk a traffic lane. You could be more clear.

  • International And 35th Ave Oakland, California - Fruitvale Station
    There is a problem with the north/south traffic signal on 35th Avenue at International Boulevard. The walk signal doesn't work, and the green signal cycles way to fast. I'm a fast walker, and I get maybe 3/4 of the way across before it turns yellow, and you know that area the drivers don't stop for anyone. Once the signal turns red, cars start going in the opposite direction, leaving you running for your life.
  • Fruitvale Station 3401 E 12th St, Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Fruitvale Station
  • 3223 San Leandro St Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Fruitvale Station
    This huge depression has been therefor weeks. What is the status for repair?
  • 1349–1399 41st Ave Oakland 94601, United States - Fruitvale Station
  • Fruitvale Ave & E 12th Street Oakland, California - Hawthorne
    Everyday, people keep parking in the bicycle lane, next to Domino's. There used to be a "No Parking" sign here (and there are still others, on the same block), but somebody stole it. Please replace the sign so that people know not to park in the bike lane.
  • Illegal dump Acknowledged
    33rd Avenue Oakland, California - Saint Elizabeth
    On 33 rd ave and San Pablo trash from homeless across the street nearby dump at night when people are not around
  • 1204 Fruitvale Ave Oakland, California - Fruitvale Station
    The Domino's Pizza keeps leaving their dumpster in the bike lane, on East 12th Street. They stopped for a few weeks, after my last complaint, but they're at it again.
  • Sidewalk - Damage Acknowledged
    1400–1438 34th Ave Oakland 94601, United States - Saint Elizabeth
    Very uneven to walk on. People can trip.