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  • Fruitvale Village Oakland, California - Saint Elizabeth

    Code Noise Ordinance Violation
    I wrote to Councilman Noel Gallos' office in January about this (see below) and as of the last couple of weeks the noise has returned before 4a each morning.

    Original sent to Councilman and his assistance responded. She reached out to PSC because the Ambassadors program said they were not responsible and PSC also said no one from their work staff was responsible. Yesterday morning, the leaf blower jolted me out of bed around 4:00a and I took this photo/video.

    Original message on January 10 2018:
    I live in district 5 (Fruitvale Village to be exact) near the BART station and since 3:41am this morning, there has been someone from the Fruitvale Ambassadors program that has been continuously using a leaf blower that actually jolted me out of bed. As of the time of this e-mail (5:00a), it is still being used.
    This is a clear violation of the noise/nuisance code in the City of Oakland.

    Could you please contact someone at the Fruitvale Village Ambassadors program to let them know they are in violation of the code (persistent/consistent noise before 7a). I'm not sure if I need to officially put something in writing or what?

    I work everyday and this noise is awful.

    I would like someone to followup with me or just make it stop. It is way too early in the morning to even think clearly, let alone write this e-mail, so I'm pretty upset.

    Gwen Austin

  • 3451 E 12th St Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Fruitvale Station
  • E 14th St Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Saint Elizabeth
    I paid $2 for the maximum and the meter gave me nothing. I do not want to be ticketed and I want to be refunded.
  • 3517 E 15th St Oakland Ca 94601 - Saint Elizabeth
  • 1606 Fruitvale Ave Oakland 94601, United States - Saint Elizabeth
    Crosswalk signal doesn’t work. Button on park side has no function.
  • 35th Ave & International Blvd Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Saint Elizabeth
    The traffic signal on the island at 35th Ave and International Blvd has been blocked for at least a month. Looking west, you cannot see the traffic light or pedestrian signal at all. This is a very busy corner with a lot of speeding cars. Not having a visible traffic signal here is very dangerous.
  • 3312 San Leandro St Oakland 94601, United States - Fruitvale Station
    Light has not been working since noon today. I will really appreciate it if this gets fixed before tomorrow morning. We don’t wNt to be jammed with traffic for school tomorrow
  • 1092–1190 37th Ave Oakland 94601, United States - Fruitvale Station
  • 34th And International Boulevard Oakland, California - Saint Elizabeth
    At the northwest corner of 34th Avenue and International Boulevard, a street vendor is impeding the ability of passengers to alight from AC Transit buses (Stop ID: 58000; line 1, 801). A wheelchair-bound individual experienced difficulty getting off the bus using the bus’s handicap ramp due to the location of the street vendor. The cart should not be operating at this location as it prevents the safe loading and unloading of passengers, some of whom have disabilities, from the bus.
  • 3625 International Boulevard OAKLAND, California - Fruitvale Station
    On street in front of La Costa restaurant. No plates. Been here for over a week.
  • 3221 San Leandro St Oakland 94601, United States - Fruitvale Station

    Pothole is on San Leandro Street close to the Fruitvale Ave. intersection in the left turn lane facing the Guadalajara restaurant.

    => In fact, the left turn arrow on the road points to it.

  • E 17th St & 34th Ave Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Saint Elizabeth
    Big pot hole at the corner of E. 17th st. And 34 ave. Lots of loose rocks around it making a lot of traffic since cars are trying to go around it