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  • 5457-5481 Claremont Avenue Oakland, California - Fairview Park
    This encampment doubles in size each week. This morning there was a belligerent homeless person "batting" garbage with a stick at people and traffic. It's dangerous. If we do not address this it will grow into a whole homeless village like so many other places throughout Oakland. This is next to a park where children play!
  • 2-38 Hermosa Avenue Oakland, California - Upper Rockridge
    We, the parents and staff at Hillcrest, fear another accident (or worse), as drivers on Broadway Terrace rush during the morning commute hours, just as our children are walking to school. Many children cross at Broadway Terrace and Hermosa, and there have been several near misses just this school year alone. The crosswalks there are faded to the point of barely being visible, and because this street is so heavily trafficked, we would love to see additional signage and flashing crosswalk lights. New striping was recently added on the lower side of Broadway Terrace, near the Claremont Country Club, but nothing has been done on the upper side, which is extremely faded and closer to the school. Additionally, striping on Hermosa itself would lend to improved pedestrian safety, as there are no sidewalks on the portion of the road behind the school, and the road is only wide enough for 1.5 cars to pass. Your consideration in this important safety matter is greatly appreciated.
  • 946 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights
    A stop sign in both directions, on MacArthur Blvd, next to the existing bus stops at Alma Ave.
    The stops will slow the increasingly fast pace of the cars in the long uninterrupted stretches of MacArthur from both directions, past the school, the pool, two churches, and dozens of residential properties.
    The cars GAIN speed, due to the wide open nature of the road, in both directions. The drivers do not even notice they are "opening it up", after climbing hills from each direction. Some drivers do know how fast they go, as this is a cute little way to avoid a portion of 580, and they hit 45-50mph, through our neighborhood and past the school and bus stops.
    We have been homeowners here 27 years and this problem truly needs to be addressed. A solution is SO simple and inexpensive. MacArthur at Alma is really a scary intersection for any pedestrian because cars are coming hard from each direction. Most drivers are real good about stopping for pedestrians, but many are not. Why not slow them all down. The responsible ones won't mind at all and the buses are already fairly often stopping there. Please help make our neighborhood safer.
    We have a petition signed by neighbors who agree with the need for two additional stop signs at this intersection.
    Thank you for your time and interest.
  • Mandana Plaza Oakland, California - Lakeshore
    There is feces in the sand pit at the kids playground on Lakeshore between Mandana and Prince. Also, a couple of people seem to have set up residence in the grassy area. They are living in tents.
  • 3529 Peralta Street Oakland, California - Clawson
    the homeless encampment under the freeway has grown 3x it's size in the last month. the tents/pallets/bikes/trash are overflowing into the street. sidewalks are blocked for both pedistrians and are not accessible for the disabled. open air drug dealing and prostitution. mattresses. despite porta-potties, human feces and urine fill the area. horrendous smell. needles strewn. starting to block traffic.
  • 584 Mandana Boulevard Oakland, California - Lakeshore
    There is a homeless tent encampment going up in the small park/playground area of Mandana Plaza. The tent has been there since at least last Friday, and there have been a growing number of items accumulating around it.
  • Intersection Of Broadway Terrace And Hermosa Oakland, California - Upper Rockridge
    Very dangerous4 way intersection, major crosswalk for children going to and from school, drivers going too fast, needs BLINKING LIGHTS!
  • 410 51st Street Oakland California - Shafter
    There is a large pile of debris on 51st Street between Shafter and Miles.
  • Mosswood Park Area Oakland, California - Mosswood

    Garbage is being thrown everywhere regularly. We pick it up the best we can but this area is in dire need of garbage cans. Here are the locations that we need for four permanent garbage cans:

    On the east side of Webster, one between 37th and MacArthur, and one between 36th and 37th.

    On the South side of MacArthur, one between Webster and Shafter, and one between Shafter and Manila.

  • 1812 14th Street Oakland California - Prescott Oakland Point

    Abandoned vehicle. It is a totaled car that has been parked there for over a month.

    Please see attached photo. The car is wrecked, and I am not sure if it is even able to drive anywhere. Please tow it away, because it is taking space away from residents.

    This parking is not a junkyard; it should be for residents. With such little parking as is, having totaled cars on the limited spaces is very frustrating.

  • 301-649 42nd St Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Longfellow
    42nd Street between Broadway and Martin Luther King is highly deteriorated with innumerable potholes several inches deep and several feet wide with loose gravel. This road has been this way for many years and is just getting worse. The pothole repairs are a temporary bandage that will no longer suffice. The entirety of this road badly needs to be repaved.
  • 210-214 Florence Avenue Oakland, California - Upper Rockridge

    PLEASE make this a 3-way stop intersection.

    - Stop sign from Hermosa Ave traffic approaching Florence.
    - Florence Ave striping from one direction makes it look like the left turn from Florence on to Hermosa has right of way, causing many drivers to cut in front of on-coming traffic on Florence.
    - 3 schools within 0.1 miles of this intersection means heavy foot child pedestrian traffic in mornings and afternoon
    - Child struck in crosswalk at this intersection 2 years ago and many recent misses due to driver confusion, blinding morning sun, and faded striping

    Making this a 3-way stop will increase safety for children and adult pedestrians as well as vehicles using this intersection.

    Thank you!