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  • 2525 34th Avenue Oakland, California - Peralta-Hacienda
    This park is overrun with a group of Nortenos who have a tent set up and litter all around it. They play loud music, drink and smoke tobacco all near a kid's play area, day after day. There is gang graffiti defacing several spots in the park, a concrete bench quite noticeably.
    These fellas also stare long and hard at anyone walking through what they seem to think is their home. It is a public right to access city parks without being intimidated.
  • 3293 Lynde St Oakland, California - Peralta-Hacienda
    Loud profane group continually gathers at the dead end leaving garbage and bottles of alcohol. They have posted signs on the fence claiming it as their spot and where belligerent when the sign was taken down by a neighbor. Young children play in the area and easily have access to the alcohol that's left after the parties.
  • 2600 Coolidge Ave Oakland 94601, United States - Peralta-Hacienda
    Park lights do not work at night. Park is pitch black. Not safe.
  • School St Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Upper Peralta Creek-Bartlett
    There are too many potholes to take one picture. They are all over School Street between 35th and Coolidge. Some are very large.
  • 3301-3319 Davis St Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Peralta-Hacienda
    License plate 4NIT254 Navy Hyundai. The car has been here for 3-4 months, has been hit, pushed up onto the curb, a jack put under the front, and ticketed. Please pick up this car it's been here too long. If I can get two pictures on here I just showed a license plate. I am also submitting another request for a Toyota Corolla across the street that is illegally parked for over a month now.
  • 3041 Suter St Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Upper Peralta Creek-Bartlett
    This entire street, all the blocks, have literally more potholes than drive able street. The entire right lane on Harold, from 580 offramp, to the 580 onramp needs repairs.
  • 2488 Coolidge Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Peralta-Hacienda
    location - Hyde Street (park side) between Coolidge and 34th. I think this is the 5th time I've reported it
  • 2400 Coolidge Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Peralta-Hacienda
    these two cars are being storages at this location on Coolidge Avenue
  • 3272 Pleitner Ave Oakland, California - Upper Peralta Creek-Bartlett
    The pothole's going up Harold street as well as Montana heading toward 580 continue to grow in size as well as multiple. The wear on a car front end due to hitting the holes is causing many neighbors to have major car repairs. Both sides from and to 580 ALL LANES need to be immediately resurfaced.
  • 2540 35th Ave Oakland 94601, United States - Harrington
    Tons of extra garbage
  • 3444-3498 School St Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Upper Peralta Creek-Bartlett
  • 2563 Bartlett St Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Bartlett
    This vehicle is a concrete hauling truck, made of Ford, License plate #: 6N4916 has been parking on the corner of Brookdale Ave & Bartlett Street for over a week now.