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City of Ferguson, roughly

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  • 233 S. Hartnett Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    The front of this "DUMP"!
  • 104 S Hartnett Ave Ferguson 63135, United States - Ferguson

    This has been reported before and I’m sure you know what’s going on, but, let us know because to us it looks like nothing is happening with it.

    We’re embarrassed to have company over because of this dump.

  • Trash Patrol Archived
    Suburban Avenue Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    Could you start a biweekly trash patrol for Suburban Avenue and Clark? They are major side streets that are always being litter on my people passing through Ferguson. The street gardens along Suburban are basically trash collectors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 4 South Florissant Road And Around Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson

    I recently attended the “Taste in Ferguson” event (a wonderful event for a worthy cause). I thoroughly enjoyed the community atmosphere and great food. I had parked at the WhistleStop (another enjoyable Ferguson establishment) and walked to the Savoy (which generously hosted the event). As I walked back to my car, I took better notice of my surroundings. I was very disappointed to see, along the way, how dirty the sidewalks were, how many curbs were crumbling, how high the grass was at the Wellspring location (are they still there?). The downtown area used to be much cleaner. I also recall a time recently when I parked in the area in back of Natalie’s and the other stores along that strip. As I headed for the alley to get to Natalie’s, I noticed how the areas behind those stores had deteriorated (weeds growing in cracks, trash, etc.). I realize that Ferguson may be short on funds to make some repairs, but it cannot cost much to power wash the sidewalks on occasion. Or shouldn’t shop owners be required to maintain the areas in front of and surrounding their shops?

    I was thinking that new businesses would not be likely to locate in a place that has not been kept up. A clean, neat appearance of the streets, sidewalks, parking areas, etc., would seem to be the first priority when trying to attract new businesses. Perhaps this is a situation that the city and code enforcement should take time to review.

    Also, I can’t remember the last time I saw a street sweeper go down my street, or any street.

  • 1000 Edgehill Dr Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    Last I read the Ferguson Municipal code pitbulls were not allowed in city limits. There are 2 that live at 1001 Edgehill Dr. and at least 1 at 1020 Edgehill Dr. These animals are nuisances. We found 1 in our fenced off and closed backyard. I have been run into the house twice today, my neighbor and her 2 daughters were chased into their home and a guy across the street was run into his house by these dogs. There is no fence where these dogs live and the owners obviously have no regard for the area when they let them out. This needs to be addressed as I have 2 elderly parents that cannot run away. This has happened repeatedly.
    I called the Police and they said they'd send someone out to at least speak with them. That was an hour ago and I am a prisoner in my house until I know those dogs are restrained at minimum but seeing as how they are technically illegal I'd like to see them gone from the area.
  • 228 Barat Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    The front porch is falling down. Garage gutter hanging off.
  • 104 S Hartnett Ave Ferguson 63135, United States - Ferguson
    So for whatever reason, this was deleted from issues. City of Ferguson officials, if this was your neighbor, you’d have this cleaned up IMMEDIATELY! Please do your job and help make Ferguson the jewel it used to be. This is unacceptable, unsightly and lowering the property value of the neighborhood. Thank you
  • 106 Church St Ferguson, MO 63135, USA - Ferguson
    I have noticed a large uptick in lack of enforcement and response in certain SeeClickFix reports. Specifically, non-emergency reports of nusiance issues such as abandoned vehicles, derelict property, etc. Is there an issue with the app not routing properly to the correct city dept? Or is it just a case of lackadasical enforcement efforts? I have used this app effectively to report neighborhood problems, but the responses have DRASTICALLY dropped off, especially concerning police enforcement of abandoned vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, etc.
  • St. Louis Fish And Grill Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    The parking lot of this business is a mess. Large amounts of trash just left in the parking lot. I picked up most of the bottles in front of the place as well as the island on the corner but it would help to keep the litter out of the street if this business would pick up their customers trash.
  • Jeske Park damage Acknowledged
    516 N Clay Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    Inappropriate parking along Jeske Park perimeter by by 516 N Clay homeowner, causing deep rut damage to park grounds.
  • 202 Hartnett Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    This house has been piling their trash on the side of the house since Nov 1st. The garbage bags are ripped open by animals and neighbors have been outside cleaning it up everyday. They have a car on a jack sitting in the driveway for one week. The trash can they don't use has been sitting on the street since Halloween night. Responsible home owners should not have to put up with this mess
  • 90 S Barat Ave Ferguson 63135, United States - Ferguson
    Sidewalk on side of 90 South Barat, on Cross St. is in need of cleaning up, weeds killed, grass cut away from sidewalk. This is a “trip” hazard to the many people who walk this sidewalk.