Hyde Park

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Hyde Park / Montrose

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  • 2701 Ridgewood Street Houston, Texas - Montrose
    The east side of Ridgewood Street just north of California Street floods every time it rains. It has continued to deteriorate the more it happens. Really needs a storm drain there - or at least some new asphalt
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    1401-1405 Indiana St Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
  • 1251 W. Gray Houston, TX - Montrose
    Private citizen living in 1251 W. Gray placing physical barrier including caution tape to block access to pedestrian public sidewalk on the west side of his property.
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    1111 W Drew St Houston 77006, United States - Montrose
    Graffiti everywhere
  • 1224 West Drew Street Houston, TX 77006, United States of America - Montrose
    Transients are using abandoned house as a squat. Back window has been broken out and people are seen going in and out of back door, despite No Trespassing signs posted all over property. Human feces all over back yard. Sex acts and needle drug use have been observed by neighbors.
  • 1900 Vermont St Houston 77019, United States - River Oaks
    Missing cover for drainage / water system on sidewalk creating safety hazard. Needs to be fixed. On Dunlavy just before Vermont
  • Pothole Archived
    1711 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX, 77098, USA - Montrose
    Westheimer has so many craters at the corner of Westheimer and Dunlavey in front of Cut Loose it is almost not traversable without damage unless you severely reduce speed.
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    2100 Waugh Dr Houston 77006, United States - Montrose
    DAILY every day around 5:30 cars park block the curb cut at this intersection instead of just parking normally in the empty lot.
  • Pothole Closed
    2423 Woodhead St Houston 77019, United States - Montrose
    I hit this one twice a day every day. It’s unavoidable when traffic is coming both ways. It has been getting worse over the months. I walked all the way over here from my house just to report this one. The previously reported ones are too general.
  • 2216 Woodhead St Houston, TX 77019, USA - Montrose
    Abandoned homestead not properly boarded up. Open to homeless pedestrians in the area.
  • Pothole Archived
    3272–3312 Mount Vernon St Houston 77006, United States - Montrose
    Street is falling apart
  • 2303 Woodhead St Houston, TX 77019, USA - Montrose
    sidewalk blocked for 3 days, no resolution