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  • 1300 Floyd Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan

    I live in a unit intersecting the streets Floyd and Morris, and myself and my neighbors are having perpetual trash issues with others neighbors on Floyd. They have been leaving mattresses, canvases, bed frames, furniture and open trash bags on the sidewalk on Morris for the past 3 months. None of these are (understandably) picked up by city trash.

    The current state of the sidewalk is abhorrent - it smells awful and there is trash literred everywhere. It is spilling into the street. I will file an official complaint with city council once I determine which unit it is.

    Myself and my neighbors in our unit have received official notices from the city telling our unit to have it removed or face penalties, but we are not the offenders and have had to continually clear that issue up with the city.

    If someone were able to come and help remove their disgusting mess, that would be very much appreciated. If anyone can give me contact info on how to reach out to an official on this issue, that would be much appreciated as well.


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    3460 Cooper Road Richmond, Virginia - Stratford Hills
    Several months ago, the city said they would look into coming to pick up a pile of leaves that was left in a particular location due to a miscommunication between city officials and a homeowner. Can someone please come by and move these leaves?
  • 3118 Kensington Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    Apartment Building managed by Metro Properties has deep holes in the front yard, bushes that are growing into the sidewalk so that it is becoming difficult to pass someone on the sidewalk easily, and the grass is heavily overgrown.
  • brush Archived
    2200 Perry St Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro
    Brush is invading W 22nd at Perry to point you cannot safely see oncoming traffic on W 22nd. Brush needs to be cut down so we can see.
  • 2303 Barton Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    The shrubs and greenery growing on the chain link fence in front of the property are in need of maintenance. Lot appears overgrown and is an eyesore for community members.
  • 1809 Moore St Richmond, Virginia - Newtowne West
    Overgrown weeds bordering on alley as well as front+back yards.
    Recurring problem....
    This is a rental prop owned/managed by
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    4798 Calumet Rd Richmond, VA 23226, USA - Mary Munford
    Leaves piled behind fence for months. This happens every year. Not sure if it is owners' responsibility or the City of a Richmond. They are decomposing and blowing all over the alley.
  • 2408 East Clay Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Two large potholes continue to grow and disrupt traffic on busy Clay street between N. 24th St. and N. 25th St. With the traffic circle on Jefferson re-routing so much hurried comuter traffic up E. Clay St., and the multiple large tractor trailer trucks daily off-loading food supplies and beer to the Liberty Public House restaurant this street has become a major thoroughfare.
  • Overgrown Lots Acknowledged
    5821-5825 Bliley Rd Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Cedarhurst
    lot here is very overgrown. makes turning out of Riverside heights way onto bliley road extremely dangerous as you cannot see traffic coming up the hill from your right due to the growth.
  • 3118 Kensington Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    Bushes out front actually should be cut down. They grown into the sidewalk and now it's difficult to even walk down the street without getting whacked in the face. You should hold these stupid apartment complexes that don't take care of their property to the same standard as home owners. Check out he deep hole in the front of that building too.
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    415 N 32nd St Richmond, Virginia - Chimborazo
    Somebody left an old chair and a rug behind our house in the alley--- really hoping our property does not become an informal dumping ground. Thank you!
  • 1805-1809 Moore St. Richmond, Virginia - Newtowne West
    Grass weeds front and rear...recurring problem.
    Houses owned by