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Watching issues created after: 2017-11-11

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  • 107 West Broad Street (Alley) Richmond, Virginia - Monroe Ward
    Alley from Adams to Jefferson st has has partial restoration for has become a sore spot with pot holes and such. The grind that live in the area building have trouble maneuvering and cars and trucks have troubles getting through
  • Overgrown Lots Acknowledged
    1000 Idlewood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 4
    The overgrown weeds have completely obscured any visual drivers have coming off the downtown expressway and into the roundabout. The weeds in this section need to be mowed or removed completely, it's a major hazard for drivers approaching the roundabout and looking to the left for traffic.
  • 1117 North 27th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North
    This lot is in a vacant house and the lawn has not been mowed this spring. Mosquitoes are breeding and coming into my yard.
  • 498 Glimer Street Richmond, Virginia - Carver
    Water is coming up on the northern leg of the intersection of Gilmer and Clay St.
  • 4209 Patterson Ave Richmond, VA - Colonial Place
    Need to have supercan replaced at 4209 Patterson Avenue, wheel will not stay on and comes off each week when waste is picked up.
  • pothole Open
    304 N Thompson St Richmond, VA, 23221, USA - The Museum District
    pothole in left lane as you come up off the ramp from 195
  • 1015 Grove Ave Richmond, VA, 23220, USA - Vcu
    When construction in that area was completed the crosswalk lines were not
    Redone. It is a very high pedestrian / vehicle traffic area. The lines were extremely helpful to both .
  • 4608-4996 Commerce Rd Richmond, VA, 23234, USA - Richmond Precinct 2
    North Bound Commerce Rd. just north of Trenton. Was repaired several weeks ago but now side of road is gone and pot hole has doubled in size
  • 2700 Monument Ave Richmond 23220, United States - The Fan
    These dead limbs on the elm on Mulberry (between Grace and Monument) are going to come down, potentially damaging cars and houses and hurting people
  • 1121 N 20th St Richmond, VA, 23223, USA - Fairmount
    There is a significant amount of overgrowth on the grass lot at 1121 North 20th street that is continuously encroaching over the fence onto the neighbor's property. This overgrowth includes poison ivy. There is also a large bee hive in the big tree on the property that has not been dealt with despite requests from the community for the owners to deal with it.
  • 3000 E Grace St Richmond 23223, United States - Church Hill
    The old water fountain at the north entrance to Chimborazo Playground Park is stuck on and leaking onto the ground. Please don’t shut off the water entirely because it is the source for the pipes to the community garden hose bibs.
  • 1403 Greenville Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Maymont
    Here is a tree that had to be taken down due to the storm that is still in the alley way. Feel free to take wood to burn before the claw comes to remove it all.