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  • 501–549 N Allen Ave Richmond 23220, United States - The Fan
    The trash can in the park between Orchard House and the senior community hasn’t been emptied for about a month. Trash is overflowing all around it, including lots of pet waste bags.
  • Intersection Of Boscobel & Jahnke Rd. (5101 Boscobel Ave) Richmond, Virginia - Forest View
    Overgrown bushes from 5101 Boscobel Ave are completely obstructing sidewalk on Jahnke Road between Boscobel Ave and Forest Hill Ave.
  • 1403 Greenville Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Maymont
    Here is a tree that had to be taken down due to the storm that is still in the alley way. Feel free to take wood to burn before the claw comes to remove it all.
  • 4209 Patterson Ave Richmond, VA - Colonial Place
    Need to have supercan replaced at 4209 Patterson Avenue, wheel will not stay on and comes off each week when waste is picked up.
  • 1701 Moore St. Richmond, Virginia - Newtowne West
    Vacant (for rent) house...front, sides, back tall grass and weeds taking over.
    Info on yard sign:
    804 395-RENT
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    3122 Patterson Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    Management rental company for duplex emptied basement and lots of stuff behind duplex now. I added some brush to it this weekend. Also recycle can top was left open when most recent tenants moved out and filled with water in addition to recyclables. I don't think it's been emptied since they moved.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    11 S 18th St Richmond 23223, United States - Shockoe Bottom
    Solar compactor broken. Recycling opening is sealed. Vessel is completely graffitied
  • 201 North Meadow Street Richmond, Virginia - The Fan

    This home has been abandoned for years. The side gutter and facade came crashing into the alley. There is a huge hole left where animals and water will enter.

    There is also a significant rat issue now coming from the yard. The two neighbors perpendicular to the backyard (Grove homes) had to install professional rat baiting systems.

    The City needs to take more permanent action.

  • Overgrown Lots Acknowledged
    3410-3412 Maplewood Ave Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Stadium
    This neighbor does no yard maintenance. EVERY YEAR his lawn becomes 10 tall weeds and overgrows onto the sidewalk.
  • Bulk Trash Acknowledged
    400 8brook Rd. Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    Limbs in the alley behind 4008 Brook Rd from the 1/2 dead tree on the south side of 1200 block of Amherst Ave. Reported dead tree 1 1/2 years ago that needs to be removed. The base of tree is rotten and has a hole. Needs to come down before Mother Nature creates havoc.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    7112 South Dr. Richmond, Virginia - Stratford Hills
    After the recent rains, my ditch has become filled with trash from the folks who live uphill. Please clear the ditches. Thank you,
  • 3233 Fendall Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    Crepe myrtle is completely blocking stop sign. I have seen cars run it. This is an accident waiting to happen.