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  • 2209 4th Ave Richmond 23222, United States - Highland Park Southern Tip
    I’m am trying to report 2207 4th Ave but the app won’t let me change the address. Trash is everywhere and the grass around the right half of the property is over a foot tall. The left side of the property is owned by another company and is always maintained.
  • 300 West 22nd Street Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro
    An accident just happened because the driver couldn't see around the overgrown corner to see that a car was coming. DANGEROUS.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    3224 West Franklin Street Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    Please come pick up this bulk trash: a few doors, some framing materials, and a window. Thank you for all of your help! You are the best! I really appreciate everything that you do! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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    4798 Calumet Rd Richmond, VA 23226, USA - Mary Munford
    Leaves piled behind fence for months. This happens every year. Not sure if it is owners' responsibility or the City of a Richmond. They are decomposing and blowing all over the alley.
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    1302 Floyd Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    My most recent request for this location was marked "Closed" by your office. The situation at this location has most definitely NOT been addressed! garbage and broken furniture are now head-high, and the sidewalk is completely blocked. This location needs a more permanent solution to the garbage situation than me reporting issues on this system. Please help soon!
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    1312 Floyd Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    The east-west alley running between the 100 block of North Morris St and the 100 block of North Harvie Street is filled with garbage left by the renters occupying the dwellings located at 1302-1304-1306 and 1308 Floyd Avenue. The regular trash collection has come and gone, and the alley is filled with garbage and broken furniture.
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    1302 Floyd Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    The location at the corner of Floyd and North Morris Street is again blocked with garbage. This location, known as "Madumbie Lane", is routinely filled with loose garbage. The normal trash collection has come and gone, and the leftovers, plus much more, are again blocking the sidewalk. This location has been reported many time for this same offense. A new approach is necessary. I suggest that the regular supercans be removed and replaced with a dumpster placed in the Madumbie Lane alleyway.
  • overgrown lot Archived
    2201 Parkwood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Overgrown lot. Part of Uptown Community Garden. Neglected and not well maintained for months.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    3911-3913 Brook Rd Richmond, VA 23227, USA - Ginter Park
    city failed to clean up the leaves on the city's property and in the street in front of my house this past Thursday as scheduled. this picture was taken the day after. Please come back and finish the job.
  • 3911 Brook Road Richmond, Virginia - Ginter Park

    Leaf pickup was scheduled for today along the NB side of Brook Road. Unfortunately, the gas co. scheduled non-emergency work at the house next door to occur the same day, so as their vehicles were parked in front of my house, next to the "No Parking Street Cleaning" signs. As a result, the leaf crew skipped 3909 - 3913 Brook road. Please have them come back and pick up the city's leaves from the city's property between the sidewalk and the street.

    Also, while the crews cleaned leaves from the city's property between the street and the sidewalk on the SB side of Brook yesterday, they appear to have not done this on the NB side of the 3900 block. There are still a lot of leaves left on the city's property.

  • 623 North 30th Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill
    Property has started to become a collection point for illegal dumping, especially in the back where the structure is open.
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    700-798 Roseneath Rd Richmond, VA 23221, USA - The Museum District
    3403 W Franklin St
    it is in alley next to fence. tree limbs, brush. i recommend a smaller truck drive through this alley. thank you