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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2017-11-11

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • Dollar Tree 315 Cowardin Ave, Richmond, VA, 23224, USA - Richmond Precinct 1
    Dollar Tree constantly has piles of trash piled against the side of their building and does a horrible job keeping their lot clean of litter. The property has become quite a blight for the neighborhood due to their inaction.
  • 1401 North 29th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North
    Grass is growing out of control. Pls come out it and cut it, my daughter wants to play in the yard.
  • 107 West Broad Street (Alley) Richmond, Virginia - Monroe Ward
    Alley from Adams to Jefferson st has has partial restoration for has become a sore spot with pot holes and such. The grind that live in the area building have trouble maneuvering and cars and trucks have troubles getting through
  • 1111 Newell Rd Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Jahnke
    Newell Rd has two large potholes in front of the church close to Jhanke Rd. People are swerving into oncoming traffic and wheels are being hit very hard and someone will either burst a tire, bend a rim or cause an accident.
  • N Huegenot Rd Richmond, Virginia - Southampton
    Very large pothole traveling northbound on Hueguenot Rd just past the Chippenham interchange. Blew my tire on my morning commute.
  • 2219 5th Ave Richmond, VA, 23222, USA - Highland Park Southern Tip
    There are two Commerical Work Vehicles that are being parked on my residential street. This prevents residents with normal size vehicles from having enough available parking. The people with these Commerical Work Vehicles also park their personal large pick-up trucks and large SUV trucks on the same street. At times, this looks like a storage lot from the lack of movement so everyone has a chance to park. This creates little to no parking spaces for the rest of us. This situation creates a "Industrial Park" type environment. In time, I expect it will affect all of our property values. Already, angry words were exchanged between one of my neighbors and the offending parties. This is causing hostilities & wearing thin on the law abiding & courteous neighbors who I feel are being bullied by these "parking hogs".
  • 1500 Palmyra Ave Richmond VA 23227, United States - Laburnum Park
    This tree in the median on Gloucester is about to fall over. It will land in my driveway, on my fence and potentially damage my garage. - it was damaged in the storm a few days ago and I am concerned that someone will get hurt - please get it down ASAP
  • 127 N. 17th St Richmond, Virginia - Shockoe Bottom
    The abandoned gravel parking lot behind the old Weiman’s Bakery at 127 N. 17th St has become a dumping ground for mattresses, large chairs. etc. In addition to the litter, the weeds have grown exceptionally tall.I know other people have reported this issue already!!
  • 4501 W Grace St Richmond, Virginia - Sauer's Gardens
    There is a pile of brush that needs to be picked up. It's located on Commonwealth drive near the alley.
  • rats Open
    3326 Woodrow Ave Richmond 23222, United States - Brookland Park
    It is that time of year again, rats are coming up out of the storm sewer. Their population is up again. Something needs to be done to address the issue.
  • Jefferson Park Richmond, Virginia - Union Hill
    The Jefferson Park elliptical exercise machine has a loose bolt on its front right joint. It can be tightened by hand, but immediately begins to work its way out again as you use the machine. The lock nut must have failed or come off. It is about to come completely out and make the equipment unusable.
  • Pothole Open
    Powhite Parkway Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 3
    There is a growing pothole on 76 Southbound I believe. This is coming from the Toll just before Chippenham pkwy in the left hand lane just before you get to the Chippenham overpass