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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2017-11-11

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • Bulk Trash Archived
    11 S 18th St Richmond 23223, United States - Shockoe Bottom
    Solar compactor broken. Recycling opening is sealed. Vessel is completely graffitied
  • Bulk Trash Acknowledged
    400 8brook Rd. Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    Limbs in the alley behind 4008 Brook Rd from the 1/2 dead tree on the south side of 1200 block of Amherst Ave. Reported dead tree 1 1/2 years ago that needs to be removed. The base of tree is rotten and has a hole. Needs to come down before Mother Nature creates havoc.
  • 3000 E Grace St Richmond 23223, United States - Church Hill
    The old water fountain at the north entrance to Chimborazo Playground Park is stuck on and leaking onto the ground. Please don’t shut off the water entirely because it is the source for the pipes to the community garden hose bibs.
  • 1403 Greenville Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Maymont
    Here is a tree that had to be taken down due to the storm that is still in the alley way. Feel free to take wood to burn before the claw comes to remove it all.
  • 712–844 Dove St Richmond VA 23222, United States - Highland Park Southern Tip
    Overgrown foliage forcing pedestrians to walk in street to compete speeding traffic
  • pothole Open
    304 N Thompson St Richmond, VA, 23221, USA - The Museum District
    pothole in left lane as you come up off the ramp from 195
  • Intersection Of Boscobel & Jahnke Rd. (5101 Boscobel Ave) Richmond, Virginia - Forest View
    Overgrown bushes from 5101 Boscobel Ave are completely obstructing sidewalk on Jahnke Road between Boscobel Ave and Forest Hill Ave.
  • 314 Green Acres Ave Richmond, VA, 23224, USA - Woodhaven
    Pot holes from 314 Green Acres Avenue to 400 Green Acres Avenue have reopened. Please have someone come out to fix.
  • 501–549 N Allen Ave Richmond 23220, United States - The Fan
    The trash can in the park between Orchard House and the senior community hasn’t been emptied for about a month. Trash is overflowing all around it, including lots of pet waste bags.
  • 1721 Park Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    For months now, there has been an ongoing leak of water coming up through a crack in the street in front of 1721 Park.. My wife has submitted two reports of this leak, and this problem has not been addressed or resolved. I have seen workers get out of their vehicle to inspect, but nothing has changed. Water flows now to both sides of the street. We have an elderly neighbor who walks with difficulty and who worries, when the water turns to ice, about slipping as she enters or exits her car. Please fix this leak. Undoubtedly, someone is losing water. Thanks.
  • 2900 E Grace St Richmond 23223, United States - Church Hill
    commercial vehicles parked in neighborhood is a violation. Why don’t they get towed? Is it ok for FedEx to park their hundreds of local trucks in Richmond’s neighborhoods? If not, then why are other companies allowed?
  • 516 Arnold Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Highland Terrace
    We had some lawn work completed and they hauled the brush into the alley way behind our house and it is obstructing the alley to cars.