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Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • 3025 Hanes Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    The entire lot at 3025 Hanes Ave used to be tended to regularly in years' past, then this past year something changed. Only half of the lot (the south side) was being mowed, leaving the other to grow rapidly and out of control. Lately, it has become ridiculously overgrown and the property owner is not tending to it. The increase in insects and vermin is noticeable, and in a neighborhood where homes are being renovated and real estate is good, the lot poses an eyesore sure to decrease the property values nearby.
  • Old Jahnke Rd Richmond, VA, 23225, USA - Jahnke

    Old Jahnke is a family community and has many families with small children and older family members.

    Unfortunately, the road is being used as a 'cut through' to avoid the traffic lights Westover Gardens Blvd and Jahnke Rd through to Chippenham Pkwy.

    There are many families will small children on this street, cars parked along the road, and individuals who walk/run in the neighborhood. Without sidewalk and with such high speed traffic this is dangerous.

    We would like to request speed bumps to be placed along the road (like on many streets in the area).

    Thank you.

  • 2000 Miller Ave Richmond, Virginia - Southern Barton Heights
    There's a bush that completely blocks the stop sign heading south on Miller Ave. The bush likely needs to be removed in full or at the very least heavily trimmed down.
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    3612 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Chimborazo
    Old 8' carpet, small charcoal grill, and a few lawn bags of yard debris in the alley between Broad St and Marshall St off 36th St at the end of the alley toward the Lofty apt complex.
  • 1222 Westminster Ave Richmond, Virginia - Bellevue

    Brush pile at the alley property line in need of pickup. Despite the new city policy on bulk brush collection (as posted at ), the pile has remained uncollected after two months--amounting to at least four potential pickup cycles that have been missed by the city.

    Please collect the pile asap and update the posted policy to reflect the city's actual intent.

  • 4704 King William Road Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill
    The house at 4704 King William Road is an eyesore. Warmer weather is coming and soon the grass will not be cut and the back yard will be used by snakes and critters as a gathering place. This has been repeatedly reported to the City and notices have been left on the owner's door to no avail. What can be done?
  • 2303 Barton Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    The shrubs and greenery growing on the chain link fence in front of the property are in need of maintenance. Lot appears overgrown and is an eyesore for community members.
  • 617 Northside Ave Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Highland Terrace
    bushes at front of empty lot are very overgrown and blocking sidewalk completely
  • 1904 West Main Street Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Greetings! This is a rental property where the owners do not visit. Both the front lot and the space in the alley way where there is parking have become quite overgrown. In the back the overgrowth with some weed trees is starting to infringe on our property too.
  • 2519 West Main Street Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Not sure who did it or if it was just random, but they left a lot of bulk items. Computer chairs, some shelving and other random junk. It is blocking parking spaces, which are already scarce.
  • 3100 E. Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    When is the City going to come over to put in landscaping in the overgrown roundabout at 31st and Marshall St (yellow sign has been hit by a car and is on the ground), and when will you all mow the weeds growing around the bus stop at 31st and Marshall? Every roundabout in the city has received beautification except for this one.
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    4798 Calumet Rd Richmond, VA 23226, USA - Mary Munford
    Leaves piled behind fence for months. This happens every year. Not sure if it is owners' responsibility or the City of a Richmond. They are decomposing and blowing all over the alley.