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    801 W Clay St Richmond, Virginia - Carver
    the store on the corner is constantly dumping boxes/debris behind the bldg which is on GILMER STREET
    its an eyesore and a source of rodents
    they need a commercial dumpster
  • 2901–3001 E Grace St Richmond 23223, United States - Church Hill
  • 3109 Norfolk Street Richmond, Virginia - Scott's Addition
    Scott's Addition 1 Lofts lease this parking lot and are claiming they do not have the responsibility of cutting the grass of the property they rent for parking. The grass is 3' tall and unsightly and they are responsible for maintaining the property they rent. They only cut it when tenants complain, maybe every couple of weeks after overgrown every time. Front and back has grass that needs to be regularly maintained.
  • 6212 Three Chopt Road Richmond, Virginia - Three Chopt
    Dangerous situation, especially with back to school kids and traffic related to U of R and area schools! The bushes & grass along Three Chopt Road between St. Christopher's Road and where the new pedestrian crosswalk is located across from Towana Road are totally overgrown. They prevent cars traveling north on Three Chopt from seeing the crosswalk, pedestrians and signs before it is too late. This property is owned by the City and needs to be maintained. You can see in the photos that the sign on the right is completely hidden from view until you are almost on the crosswalk.
  • 4500 Grove Ave Richmond VA 23221, United States - Colonial Place
    For at least the past two weeks wires from overhead lines have been resting on the ground in the center median at the corner of Grove and Commonwealth Avenues
  • Brush pile Archived
    4017 Crutchfield Street Richmond, Virginia - Northrop
    Large brush pile that was not collected per the scheduled date. Street sweeper is coming and pile needs to be removed.
  • 3218 Douglasdale Rd. Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 3


    The person at 3218 Douglasdale Rd. RVA 23221 has an overgrown backyard that contains numerous amounts of Pokeweed and prickly vines. Their vines are taking over the utility and what I believe to be the power lines and numerous trees. Each year we have an overgrown alley because their overgrown yard deposits seeds into ours or their ivy and other vine like plants grow through their fence. I have reported the overgrown vines on the utility lines and Dominion said it was not the power lines (which I do not believe). I am worried that if this yard is not cleaned up with in the next year or so that trees will begin to die and utility lines will be compromised. We have been neighbors for 5 years now and the situation has only gotten worse.

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    731-783 Us-60 Richmond, VA 23224, USA - Richmond Precinct 1
    Belongings and garbage has been accumulating under Manchester bridge on Semmes for some time. This is a bad look for people coming to neighborhood via pedestrian bridges.
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    8140 Grimsby Rd Richmond 23235, United States - Stratford Hills
    Third time trying for bulk waste pickup. Prior issues archived without resolution. Please come take this away.
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    3403 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Stadium
    Please come pick up the bulk stuff. Thank you!
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    3006 Fendall Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    citizen called to request bulk items picked up; broken wood from an old garage which has become dry and unusable; location --back alley .....804--3354883
  • 3025 Hanes Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    The entire lot at 3025 Hanes Ave used to be tended to regularly in years' past, then this past year something changed. Only half of the lot (the south side) was being mowed, leaving the other to grow rapidly and out of control. Lately, it has become ridiculously overgrown and the property owner is not tending to it. The increase in insects and vermin is noticeable, and in a neighborhood where homes are being renovated and real estate is good, the lot poses an eyesore sure to decrease the property values nearby.