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  • Signage Archived
    Belt Route Salt Lake City, Utah - Salt Lake City
    Please put a sign PRIOR to 700 N when 2100 N is closed so those of us needing to exit can do so at 700 N instead of going down to Redwood. Thank you.
  • Signage Open
    1010-1074 S West Temple Salt Lake City, UT, 84101, USA - People's Freeway

    Happens every stinking day: I take the West Temple southbound detour at the 900 S West Temple interchange. At the point where we meet up with west temple again, as I am southbound, I DO have the right of way.

    With VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS, traffic traveling south on West Temple (who have a clearly marked Yield sign!) never slow down and some have even flipped me off because I (safely) made the turn (or sometimes rolled to a stop because they were clearly not observing (or even aware?) of the yield sign.

    I believe that additional road markings, or flashing lights (or SOMETHING other than leaving it as it is) is badly needed here. I have nearly been hit several times.

  • 2201-2299 Bangerter Highway West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    With no left turn signal it is dangerous to turn left here, very fast traffic and congested.
  • Signage Archived
    289 Draper, UT, 84020, USA - Draper
    The intersection lane control sign on the southbound I-15 off ramp at Bangerter Highway is incorrect leading to driver confusion and possible dangerous last minute lane changes. The sign suggests that there are two left-turn lanes and one right-turn lane. There are two left-turn lanes and two right-turn lanes.
  • 3818 W 5400 S Salt Lake City, UT, 84129, USA - Taylorsville
    The painted lane lines at the bottom of the new overpass are very faded making it difficult to see the lanes, especially at night or in poor weather conditions such as snow or rain.
  • 4100 S 6000 W West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City

    I am a West Valley City resident with a child who attends Hunter Junior High School. We live in a new subdivision near the Frito Lay plant. Due to state budgets, children in the neighborhood are left to walk 1.9 miles to school. That alone is beyond belief, but the bigger issue is the lack of safety precautions the state has in place to protect our children.

    Most neighbor kids walk North down 6000 West and cross 4100 South. Here lies the problem. 4100 South is now a highway exit for the Mountain View Corridor. With this highway access, traffic on this road has more than tripled in the last year, as vehicles from Magna are attempting to gain access to the highway. This will only escalate once the final phase for the corridor reaches highway 201. Vehicle speed at times reaches 60mph as vehicles attempt to beat the lights. Even without kids crossing, this is a dangerous intersection.

    One of two things MUST happen:
    1- A bus be put in place to safely transfer kids to school.
    2- A school zone be implemented WITH crossing guards to ensure kids get to school safely.

    I recognize that a pedestrian bridge was built for the walking path next to the corridor. This however adds another half mile to the kids already 40 minute walk. Kids are like a river...they will follow the path of least resistance. So the bridge is not a feasible solution.

    We can’t keep playing the game of waiting until a child gets hit or killed before we do something. We can all see a problem, so let’s fix it.

  • Pothole Archived
    10573-10599 Jordan Gateway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    There are two unfilled holes when turning right from WB 10600 S to head north on Jordan Gateway.
  • Pothole Archived
    Ut-152 N Salt Lake City, UT, 84117, USA - Salt Lake County
    Heading northbound on 1300 East, when you turn left onto Van Winkle, the road needs to be repaired. Feels like your tires are going to shred when going over it.
  • 1000 Warm Springs Rd Salt Lake City, UT 84116, USA - Salt Lake City
    Although it is reported on a similar report that this issue has been fixed, it is not. The section leaving the bridge over warm springs Road has settled significantly and it's causing damage to vehicles and the roadway. the roadway needs to be raised in order to meet the bridge deck. this is occurring worse in lanes two and three.
  • Pothole Archived
    S Foothill Dr Salt Lake City, UT, 84109, USA - Salt Lake City
    Really deep pothole, southbound on more easterly lane, merging onto I215 from foothill. Second time Ive hit it, grrr, my fault the 2nd time, but amazing my car wasnt damaged, pls fix it
  • Pothole Archived
    S Foothill Dr Salt Lake City, UT, 84109, USA - Salt Lake County
    massive pot hole on the onramp to south 215 from foothill drive
  • Pothole Archived
    Bangerter Hwy Salt Lake City, UT, 84104, USA - Poplar Grove
    big pot holes on this road.