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  • Pothole Archived
    2363 Foothill Dr Salt Lake City, UT 84109, USA - Sugar House
    About 2ft x 2ft and 1/2 ft deep
  • 13400 South And Mountain View Riverton Utah - Riverton
    There is always a back up on 13400 south going either west or east and no back up on Mountain View. There are times no cars are even on Mountain View but the light is green while traffic is backing up on 13400 south.
  • Rough Road Acknowledged
    1000 Warm Springs Road Salt Lake City, Utah - Rose Park
    Sinking Roadway southbound I-15 coming off of the beck street overpass Right and center lanes. This drop off is intense and has damaged my bike racks. What is going on here?
  • Fencing Acknowledged
    3580 S Orion Cir West Valley City, UT, 84119, USA - West Valley City
    Being a resident and apart of management of Valley Park Apartments, we have had ONGOING issues with 215 interstate; with trash, fires, debris, cars pulling off to the shoulder jumping our fences and stealing tires and now trucks/cars running off the road when weather is bad. Two years ago the state installed about a 5 foot wall that ended BEFORE the property started. We need a sound barrier, that is the only thing that will keep our property safe. The picture posted with this is from today, (02/06/2019) A family was playing in the snow in the back of our property where our soccer field is and was luckily a safe distance away from this truck running off the freeway into our fence.This is not including the numerous times of fires destroying our property and debris (which is still there) landing on our property and thieves jumping our fences to steal our residents personal property. This is more of an issue of damages from the freeway and the lack of safety concern from the state. This area on our property is recreational use for our residents and they do not feel safe.
  • Signage Archived
    S Porter Rockwell Blvd Riverton, UT, 84065, USA - Bluffdale

    We have multiple issues here and the growth in the area is only making them worse.

    1: This section is 35 MPH. There is a sign posted southbound but not northbound. There needs to be a sign indicating that 35 MPH starts at Freedom Point way.

    2: There is a school bus stop at Porter Rockwell and Regent Garden Ln.
    Because cars are traveling northbound at 45 MPH (or over) they blow past the school bus with flashing red lights. The drivers sound their horns almost daily because of this but it continues. Additionally the children then need to cross Porter Rockwell to walk into the subdivision off of Regent Gardens Ln. There is no cross walk and no lights or signage. Please put in a crosswalk and some signs before a child is killed.

  • Signage Archived
    I-215 N. Onramp From 6200 S. Holladay, Utah - Holladay

    I live in Holladay and frequently enter the onramp from Big Cottonwood Rd (6200 S in Holladay) to NB I-215. The signage indicates that the traffic from Wasatch Blvd entering the same onramp should yield to the onramp from 6200 S in Holladay. People entering from Wasatch Blvd are often going very fast (especially during ski season) and frequently don't yield to the other vehicles entering onramp in spite of yield signs. I have seen >30 near-accidents in the past few years (including me and my wife). I believe two flashing yield sign would be appropriate to let the Wasatch lane see that they are to yield to the lower onramp with a blind spot.

    I received the following reply from UDOT, but no action has been taken:

    "In Numetric (crash history program) this northbound onramp to I-215 from Wasatch Blvd and Big Cottonwood Road shows a crash history of multiple front to rear and sideswipe crashes. I have put in Work Order #2017-18 instructing the Sign Crew to replace the existing outside shoulder "Yield" sign with a flashing "Yield" sign and to also add a "Yield Ahead" sign on each side of the road roughly 300 feet prior to the flashing "Yield" and existing regular "Yield signs. These new signs should cause the traffic that is required to yield to actually yield."

    Please make the corrective actions as soon as possible

  • Pothole Archived
    Lincoln Highway Salt Lake City, Utah - Poplar Grove
    potholes in middle and merging lanes off I-215 to I-80 wb
  • Pothole Open
    10567 Jordan Gateway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    On Jordan Gateway, just North of S Jordan Pkwy pothole issue especially when turning right onto Jordan Gateway from S jJordan Pkwy, 10600 South
  • Other Archived
    Mt View Corridor And Rosecrest Road Herriman, Utah - Bluffdale
    Horrible blind intersection on a high speed road with residential cross traffic. Multiple fatalities. Better signage needed. More patrolling needed. Signage is needed to alert drivers on Mountain View northbound to prepare to stop as they approach the Rosecrest Road intersection. A turnout/merging lane out of the residential neighborhood onto Mountain View Corridor would be helpful. Flashing speed signs would be helpful. Longer green lights for east/west traffic would be helpful. a "no right turn on red" onto Mountain View northbound from Rosecrest Road would be helpful.
  • Striping Archived
    499 W Winchester St Murray 84123, United States - Murray
    This entire interchange needs to be restriped immediately! Where the traffic merges together, there are no lines and I witness or am involved in near collisions here every single day! It is ridiculous that nothing has been done about this over the last few months! I understand it is difficult with the snow, but there is no excuse for such poor standards during construction!
  • 9800 S & Bangerter Hwy South Jordan, UT 84095, USA - South Jordan
    East and West Traffic is extremely packed during school hours Monday- Thursday 830am to 930am and Fridays 830am to 230 pm. These lights last no more than 15 seconds and I constantly count 2-5 cars clearing the light. this is unacceptable!! that stretch of road is not big enough to handle the elementary schools and jr high traffic and also the go home traffic through there. this light needs to be adjusted to handle to traffic. the lights going north and south are 2 minutes. the east and west should be of equal time to handle that traffic!!!
  • I-215 E Salt Lake City, UT, 84123, USA - Murray
    The white lines on the freeway have been removed (after recently being painted with easy to remove pain) Because of that people are merging into lanes when they shouldn't be and are about to crash.People on the very right lane think they have to merge back in to the left because they start moving into the right side by the barricade. The people in the middle right lane start to move into the very right lane which they shouldnt be either.