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Nhận Thông báo Về

  • Striping Archived
    499 W Winchester St Murray 84123, United States - Murray
    This entire interchange needs to be restriped immediately! Where the traffic merges together, there are no lines and I witness or am involved in near collisions here every single day! It is ridiculous that nothing has been done about this over the last few months! I understand it is difficult with the snow, but there is no excuse for such poor standards during construction!
  • Traffic Signals Acknowledged
    8812 S. Blue Jay Lane Salt Lake City, UT - Cottonwood Heights
    I live in the Top of the World area which is greatly affected by the new traffic pattern at the bottom of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Now that the northbound traffic from LCC doesn't have to stop, it is nearly impossible for us to egress in or out of our street, Golden Hills Avenue. When I am travelling South and go into the left turn lane to turn into MY NEIGHBORHOOD (I think you've forgotten that this is not a SKI HIGHWAY, we LIVE HERE) I am either nearly rear ended from behind or hit head on from the front. There is a 50 MPH sign for people coming down the canyon INTO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, but they are doing at least 60, sometimes 70. The lines are painted well enough to encourage traffic to veer right and usually the Northbound traffic is coming straight at me. Trying to egress out of our street to turn South is nearly impossible. To turn North is a little easier...thank goodness everyone from Draper and the ski areas can get through, though. I feel like there was NO CONSIDERATION given to the fact that Wasatch goes through our residential area. We live here. We are not just passing through. You made the intersection work for everyone but the residents. Something has to change.
  • Other Archived
    Mt View Corridor And Rosecrest Road Herriman, Utah - Bluffdale
    Horrible blind intersection on a high speed road with residential cross traffic. Multiple fatalities. Better signage needed. More patrolling needed. Signage is needed to alert drivers on Mountain View northbound to prepare to stop as they approach the Rosecrest Road intersection. A turnout/merging lane out of the residential neighborhood onto Mountain View Corridor would be helpful. Flashing speed signs would be helpful. Longer green lights for east/west traffic would be helpful. a "no right turn on red" onto Mountain View northbound from Rosecrest Road would be helpful.
  • Rough Road Archived
    2048-2098 W California Ave Salt Lake City, UT 84104, USA - Glendale
    All Bridge joints between California Ave. and I-80 North and South bound. They need some repair but mostly Smoothing.
  • Pothole Archived
    I-80 Salt Lake City, UT 84104, USA - Poplar Grove
    It's in the two right lanes, right as you merge from i215.
  • Foothill Dr Salt Lake City, UT 84109, USA - Sugar House
    Large Pothole / Roadway issue in new construction area
    Hole larger than width of a tire.
    It is in the inside lane under the overhead light.
  • Signage Archived
    I-15 N Salt Lake City, UT, 84123, USA - Murray
    This is a constant problem. The last time this happened at one of these exchanges where the RT traffic is "suppose" to yield, the guy went off the road like this kicking up rocks and cracked my windscreen.
  • Signage Acknowledged
    Veterans Memorial Highway Murray, UT - Murray
    Hello – I commute back and forth to work from 5300 S. on I 15 and I 80 west to Redwood Rd, daily…

    First of all – 5300 S – northbound - on ramp. Can you please have a new, larger YIELD sign put in? Or another lane to merge? Like I said I drive it every day and watch every day – people DO NOT yield there and I have seen accidents and close to accidents every day. Something needs to be done, can someone please take a look at this?

    Also, the roads on I 80 west bound to Redwood Road and the Airport are filthy. There is boards, dirt, branches, I’ve seen pillows – all kinds of debris on this road. You would think that it is a gateway for people to leave the state – traveling to the airport. The Drivers should not have to see filth along our freeways – coming or leaving the state, or just driving to work. Please have someone clean up the sides of the road, plus the hazards of rocks, nails or whatever else is along this area.

    Thank you for your time. Please ask someone to check out these issues.
  • Pothole Archived
    Bangerter Hwy & I-80 E Salt Lake City, UT, 84104, USA - Poplar Grove
    Large, deep pothole
  • I-15 N Salt Lake City, UT, 84123, USA - Murray
    The North Bound I-15 on ramp on 5300 S is a very dangerous situation. Westbound vehicles that are turning right onto I-15 northbound, almost NEVER yield (Yes there is a yield sign) to the on coming traffic that is headed eastbound, turning left onto I-15 northbound. I drive through this intersection daily and every time, I see a near accident because the westbound vehicles don't yield as they are supposed to. If I am the vehicle in front, I always have to honk and stop the westbound vehicles to avoid accident because again, they aren't yielding. I've seen this every single day for over a year now. Please fix this and make those westbound vehicles stop completely, because they don't yield what so ever.
  • Dangerous Crosswalk Acknowledged
    3577 S 8400 W Magna, UT 84044, USA - Magna
    This crosswalk on 8400 West is way too dangerous for pedestrians, especially at night. I've seen cars almost hit people and I've almost been hit myself. There has already been a death on this sidewalk, and another pedestrian who was seriously injured as both were hit by cars. I've reported this problem back in February and have yet to seen any change to this crosswalk. Come on UDOT, how many more lives do we have to but at risk for you to act? Others and myself already pay taxes for the safety of the public. Add a another streetlight and a pedestrian light that warns cars to stop.
  • 4501 W 13400 S Riverton 84096, United States - Riverton
    The traffic signals for East/West flow at 4500 W. and 13400 S. are turning red when no cars are waiting to turn At the intersection. They are also staying red for extended periods. Up to a minute while maybe one or two cars turns at that intersection. They also did this when they were new and then were fixed. But they seem to be doing it again. Thanks.