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    4 Robert Arey Dr Randolph 02368, United States - Randolph
    Their is a black cat that seems to be dying...I tried calling animal control but no pick up and no option to leave a message. This cat is located in my driveway before you head down to my yard. Can someone please come get it, my daughter found it suffering and she is going through it. Please!
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    2 Mcdevitt Road Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    All night long truck go through the street to get the industrial park. It is so bad that I cannot get a good night's sleep. There is signs poster at either end of the street stating no trucks, but the drivers ignore them.
  • 32 Morse St Randolph 02368 United States - Randolph
    Does anyone know when the trench next to my house on Morse Street will be filled in? I am having guests over soon.
  • 136-148 Liberty St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    On the one way road that runs from Liberty St to the Lyons school, someone left paint cans and other trash.
  • 389-399 Highland Ave Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Town owned lot at the end of Highland is overgrown. All the signs are hidden.
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    68 Lafayette St Randolph, MA 02368, USA - Randolph
    Hazard for children who have to walk to and from schools.
  • 47 Concetta Sass Drive Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    every time I came from work on most days there is always one or 2 cars parked at the curb of the road where I pass to go to my drive way . I almost bump into a black sedan car yesterday If it is not that, it is a big grey van speeding up in our area.
    As far as I recall our neighborhood is a street not a highway.
    I left a message for officer Donley , safety officer for the Randolph police to alert him.
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    Between 7 Niles & 26 Smith Road Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    Is it possible to have a light installed on this pole, which is labeled #11. This pole does not have a light and it is extremely dark here at night. Would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  • 31 Grove St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Reference Issue ID: 6482645
    In addition to the the issues stated in the item above, the back yard is overgrown and looks like a junk yard and is a health hazard !
    This has been open since 8/16.
    Status Please ?
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    Center St & Druid Hill Ave E Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Huge pot hole. Can’t go around it without driving on to opposite side of traffic!
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    Irving Road Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    The street was not plowed very well this last storm and there is a whole sheet of ice up and down the street. Can you get someone out today to plow and sand prior to the big storm coming and then back out during and after the storm?
  • 115 Grove St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Some of the screws are raised on the boardwalk near the Irene Romano marker on Grove Street. The raised screws are a tripping hazard. This is town owed property but seeclickfix identified the location as a residence.