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  • 1 Turner Drive Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    Newly built fence obstructs view of traffic, therefore causing hazardous driving conditions for drivers exiting the road.
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    377 North Main St Randolph Ma - Randolph

    Over the years I have written to the town of Randolph on the safety of pedestrians along north main, and little has been done. Why is it so hard to enforce speed limits on north main? At times there are drag racing on the stretch putting my life and others at risks. God forbid you need to cross at one of the crosswalks. They are poorly painted and lack of proper flashing reflectors to ensure motorists are aware. Every other towns seem to care more about their citizens and tax payers. However Randolph and Townes doesn’t seem to care. Has we developed and more Residents are here. The town needs to do better. I have observed so many lil rugrats on the north main during the summer days ..and cars are constantly speeding.

    Do better for the town make it more attractive to gain better businesses here .

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    West St. Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    Who in town is responsible for making sure that National Grid removes the damaged poles once they have been replaced ? They are all over town. At one time someone made sure it was done. There are 2 poles on West St NG 23 & NG 24 that need the remnants of the old poles removed. The one in the picture has part of the old pole dangling. Thank You
  • 136 Grove St Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph

    Over the past year it seems that there is a lot more large 18-wheeler traffic on Grove St. making it more noisy that I can ever remember it.

    1) Is there a way to restrict large truck traffic to the main roads in Randolph?

    2) There needs to be more traffic enforcement since these vehicles are definitely not following the posted speed limit. There is bound to be an accident near the curve by the narrow way pond cross walk.


  • 76 East Druid Hill Ave Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    Roadside vegetation overgrowth blocks view of cars coming down center when trying to turn left from East Druid Hill onto Center street.
  • Louis Lane Randolph Massachusetts - Randolph
    The trash at the beginning of Louis Lane was picked up this morning (Wednesday 08-22-18) but the middle - back end was not picked up. Found out the reason for this was because the garbage truck supposedly wouldn't have been able to turn/back up their truck because there are cars parked at the end of the cul de sac. The trash company sent an e-mail to the Town of Randolph Health Department complaining about this but was told this is not a health issue and it is an issue that US neighbors would have to go over and speak with the people who lives at the end houses. That is absolutely ridiculous that we were told in order for this issue to be resolved, we would have to go over and resolve this issue ourselves. This should be the responsibility of the Town of Randolph or better yet, the police. The police have come by TWICE in regards to this issue and the second time a ticket was supposedly issued. The Town of Randolph and/or Police department needs to do more than just issuing a ticket to the people who own these vehicles.
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    55 Vesey Road Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    Looks like the owner is running a junk yard and there are cars on lawn. It is common for owner to park vehicles on front lawn even though there is a large drive way.
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    84 Mazzeo Dr Randolph 02368, United States - Randolph
    The street signal in front of the movie theatre is excessively red during the overnight hours. I travel this road daily and find it a complete waste of gas that the light is unnecessarily red for a unheard of amount of time when the businesses on that road are not open at 2, 3 or 4 am
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    592 N Main St Randolph 02368, United States - Randolph
    Overgrown trails at Powers Farm - especially on the boardwalk. This is a tick hazard, as ticks climb onto tall grasses and branches to hitch a ride on the clothing of people brushing up against them.
  • 35 Morse St Randolph 02368 United States - Randolph
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Pothole Archived
    Canton Street Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    Had AAA replace Blown tire due to pothole. Question: Whom do I send the Bill to for tire replacement?
  • 47 Howard Street Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    We have had cloudy water for going on 2 months now. Thought it was okay to boil and drink but has a weird taste to it.