St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association

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St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Assn

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  • 106 King St E Toronto, Ontario, M5C, CAN - Toronto
    Pothole on King St East immediately east of Church Street right on pedestrian crossing (beside TTC track). This issue was reported and fixed a couple of weeks ago but has come back, it needs to be fixed better as it is really a pedestrian trip hazard
  • 92 Front St E Toronto, Ontario, M5E, CAN - Toronto
    Large pot hole on FRONT ST E immediately west of JARVIS STREET - westbound lanes. Someone put orange paint BUT IT NEEDS TO BE FILLED.
  • 30 Adelaide St E Toronto, ON M5C 3G6, Canada - Toronto
    Pothole on Adelaide St East (on pedestrian crosswalk on east side of Victoria Street)
  • St Lawrence Market-North 92 Front St E, Toronto, Ontario, M5E, CAN - Toronto
    Enbridge were installing a replacement gas service outside the Metro grocery store at 92 Front St E about a month ago. Their utility cut is VERY poorly done and is a trip hazard. Can the City get them back to fix it>
  • 85 Lombard St Toronto, ON M5C 1M2, Canada - Toronto
    Pothole (utility cut!) on SOUTH SIDEWALK - opposite 110 Adelaide St E. There is a dangerous square hole on south sidewalk - made by saw cuts. It is about 2 onches deep and a real trip hazard. Totally unfilled with asphalt. Can someone "do something"? Thanks
  • 176 Front St E Toronto, ON M5A 1E6, Canada - Toronto
    There is a 'pothole" or more accurately a poorly filled utility cut around a new Hydro pole on WEST side of Sherbourne Street about 20 yards NORTH of Front St East. It is between the sidewalk and the bike lane but not hard to fall into. Can it have asphalt put around it, please?
  • 200 King St East @ Frederick Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There are trip-hazard holes beside the TTC streetcar tracks on King Street around FREDERICK STREET. Can they be fixed before winter? Please.
  • 110 George St Toronto M5A 2M4, Canada - Toronto
    Abandoned bike
  • 269 Front St E Toronto, ON M5A 1G1, Canada - Toronto
    manhole cover on Eastbound lane of Front st. (on west side of parliament st intersection) loudly clanging. please fix for peace of neighbours!
  • 135 George St S Toronto, Ontario, M5A 4E8, CAN - Toronto
    Pot-hole (or deteriorated asphalt) on WEST SIDE of George Street South opposite Taylors Wharf lane
  • 109 George St S Toronto, Ontario, M5A 4A2, CAN - Toronto
    A row of potholes that have been patched for a decade but reappear each spring - TIME TO FIX THEM PROPERLY!
  • 333 King St E Toronto, ON M5A 3X5, Canada - Toronto