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St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Assn

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  • 33 Princess Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    A section of the SIDEWALK on east side of Princess Street immediately NORTH of Nicholson Lane is uneven - where two 'concrete panels' meet. Can it be fixed or AT LEAST painted orange. It's a TRIP HAZZARD.
  • 207 Front St E Toronto, ON M5A 1E8, Canada - Toronto
    There is a LARGE "pot hole" or a hole in NICHOLSON LASNE,. South side about50 yards EAST of PRINCESS STREET, right beside the kerb.
  • 98 Front St E Toronto M5A, Canada - Toronto
    Damaged median at Jarvis & front st. E. Intersection. Loose bricks and debris.
  • 25 George Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Pothole - or more likely an unfilled utility cut (gas). On WEST side of George Street immediately opposite 25 George St, at entrance to parking lot.
  • 8 The Esplanade Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The sidewalk and the driveway area leading into the TPA parking garage (south side of The Esplanade just east of Yonge), is in VERY poor condition. It is dangerous to pedestrians and those in wheelchairs. I think it probably got damaged during the construction of the Backstage Condos or the L-Tower but I assume it is the City who must fix it. It really is quite dangerous for pedestrians and wheel chairs so I hope it can be properly fixed soon. Thank you
  • 40-50 King Street East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Large hole beside TTC streetcar tracks =- immediately in front of CIBC bank just east of Toronto Street A very dangerous thing for a cyclist or motorbike to hit. NEEDS IMMEDIATE REPAIR
  • 89 Church Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Sunken concrete adjacent to TTC streetcar tracks, northbound lane @ Lombard Street. DANGEROUS for bikes and pedestrians
  • 111 George Street South Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
  • 147 George St Toronto M5A 2M6, Canada - Toronto
    Garbage dumped here
  • 25 The Esplanade Toronto, ON, Canada - Toronto
    There is NO STREET NAME SIGN for SCOTT STREET on The Esplanade. Maybe one can be made and erected?
  • 25 George Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    A pothole, around a gas valve so I think it's an unfixed UTILITY CUT. On WEST side of street, opposite 25 George.
  • 117 George St S Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The section of GEORGE STREET SOUTH just north of The esplanade has SEVERAL potholes and there is an old unrepaired Utility Cut opposite 117 George St South. As 'the season' is here can they be fixed or that block resurfaced?