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  • 106 King St E Toronto, Ontario, M5C, CAN - Toronto
    There is TRIP HAZARD on toad just east of the PEDESTRIAN CROSSING ON KING @ Church. The concrete around the TTC streetcar tracks has deteriorated. This area has had other problems around streetcar tracks so I hope a PROPER repair will be made soon, temporary repairs do not last!
  • 109 George St S Toronto, Ontario, M5A 4A2, CAN - Toronto
    A row of potholes that have been patched for a decade but reappear each spring - TIME TO FIX THEM PROPERLY!
  • 92 Front St E Toronto, Ontario, M5E, CAN - Toronto
    Large pothole on WESTBOUND Front St East just west of Jarvis Street.
  • 135 George St S Toronto, Ontario, M5A 4E8, CAN - Toronto
    Pot-hole (or deteriorated asphalt) on WEST SIDE of George Street South opposite Taylors Wharf lane
  • 133 Wilton St Toronto, Ontario, M5A, CAN - Toronto
    There is a large area of pot holes on WILTON STREET in front of 133 Wilton. As the weather allows can these be properly repaired?
  • 120 Front St E Toronto, ON M5A 1E3, Canada - Toronto

    On Taylor's Wharf Lane just where it meets Jenoves Place (and leading to the pedestrian pathway to Front Street) there is a "depression". When it rains it fills with water and it is just in the 'wrong place. (It looks like a very poorly filled old utility cut repair to me.

    Could someone go and fill it in with LOTS of asphalt so that water runs towards the street drains, please! It is annoying when it's water-filled; it will be DANGEROUS when it's ice!

    Maybe in 2020 that section of Taylor's Wharf Lane could actually be properly repaired with concrete?

  • 98 Church St Toronto, ON M5C 2G1, Canada - Toronto
    several Christmas wreaths remain on lamp posts and should have been removed by now
  • 80 Front St E Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1T4, CAN - Toronto
    Pot hole on the WESTBOUND lanes of Front St East in front of #80.
  • 104 George St Toronto M5A 2M4, Canada - Toronto
    Abandoned bike
  • 176 Front St E Toronto, ON M5A 1E6, Canada - Toronto
    POTHOLE on SHERBOURNE STREET (southbound lane) immediately north of Front St East
  • 111 George St S Toronto, Ontario, M5A 4A2, CAN - Toronto
    Several pot-holes on GEORGE ST South immediately north of The Esplanade
  • 112 Adelaide St E Toronto, ON M5C 1K9, Canada - Toronto
    There is a UTILITY CUT (about 12 inches x 12 inches) on the SOUTH sidewalk of Adelaide Street East OPPOSITE #110 Adelaide St East. It is REALLY dangerous as it is about 4 inches deep and right in middle of sidewalk. It looks like a WATER shut-off but ???