Five Points, Willy's Park, Miracle Mile

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Alexis-Central, Jackman-Detroit

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  • 3760-3798 North Detroit Avenue Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    West bound Phillips turning on to North Detroit. this used to be a concern making the turn, but you could go wide and avoid most of it. Now it is out far enough to impact north bound Detroit Ave in right lane passing though intersection.
  • 1118 Mcdonald St Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    house has rats,coons,stray cats,possums and everything else in it. in the pic you can see the rat hole on the porch I filled in. in the other pic you can see 6he hole chewed in the garage door by racoons
  • 3910 Canada Southern Ave Toledo, OH, 43612, USA - Five Points
    This is from my grilling deck with a 6’ fence. This grass is way out of control
  • 1583 W Sylvania Ave Toledo, OH, 43612, USA - Five Points
    sinkhole in sidewalk on very busy road
  • 1036 Mcdonald St Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    antenna falling of roof,front steps caving in,sophit failing, junk car in garage ,grass not cut between fence and garage,poopy diapers being thrown on driveway, tires in backyard, rodents everywhere
  • 1118 Mcdonald St Toledo, OH, 43612, USA - Five Points
    ever since our road got repaved this guy with the dirt bikes and atvs have been a nuisance. not only does he fly up and down the street,he drives across the sidewalks and peoples lawns. he cant live to far from here because last night at 1:26 a.m. he came flyin down here with 3 other guys on atvs then came back at 1:32 a.m. with 3 guys on a dirt bike. they need to put in speed bumps or something. this is becoming a nuisance and a safetey issue. hes even come flyin down here during a snowstorm! unreal. i think the police need to do a registration check to see who around here owns these things and i also think the city should completley ban them and ban the sale of them altogether. i wouldnt mind it so much if they would at least observe the speed limit and stay on the street but of course that wont happen.
  • 735 W Northgate Pkwy Toledo, OH 43612, USA - North Towne
    Ditch is not being maintained. Very over grown
  • 5049 Tappan Ave Toledo, OH 43612, USA - North Towne
    Streetlight is out
  • 4329 Westway St Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    so after doing some exploring it seems these guys live somwhere on westway between shuyler and royalton as that seems to be where i see them hanging out most often. i WILL find out where they live. im tired of them terrorizing the neighborhoid. i work 9-6 everyday and cant get any sleep because of these bozos
  • 3709 Willys Pkwy Toledo, OH, 43612, USA - Five Points
    This resident is out of control.
    There is junk all around and filling backyard. It is a HUGE safety concern and violation.
    In high winds, a panel from their garage that was not securred blew into my yard as well and could have easily killed my dog.
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! I will never be able to sell my house with their residency in such shambles!!! There is soooooo much trash everywhere- how is this okay?
    I have complained and complained.
  • 1045 Alcott St Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    loud drums 8am. didn't hear them for a while.they recently started again
  • 3947 Revere Dr Toledo, OH, 43612, USA - Five Points
    Consistently parking on front lawn like it's a driveway. Sometimes multiple cars are in grass.