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  • Trash in Yard Archived
    35 Fletcher Cir Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
  • 1900 Westover Road Chicopee, MA - Chicopee
    illegal dumping, mattresses and trash
  • 246 Frontenac St Chicopee, MA 01020, USA - Chicopee
    3 to 4 camper
  • Pothole Archived
    Britton St Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
    Left lane corner of Memorial Drive and Britton Street in need of road repair and large pothole. This is an ongoing issue here
  • Overgrowth Archived
    356 Dale St Chicopee, MA, 01013, USA - Chicopee
    Overgrowth of bushes has not been addressed. There are now a number of trees growing in the bushes. The no parking sign is getting swallowed up by the bushes. They are bringing down by property value being next to this mess. How can they be allowed to let this happen? I have to trim their bushes on my side of the yard so my yard can still look nice. There is a large Mulberry Tree that is now producing fruit, if no one continues to do anything, it is going to invade my yard. These people do not own the house. They were renters, the owner walked away from the house and I heard it was sold at auction. Can the people who bought it, take care of the mess? Also, not just on the Silvin Rd side of the house is bad, the other side of the house also has 'weed trees' that are invading other neighbors yards. If I would have know Chicopee doesn't care about how beautiful or crappy the houses in the city looked, I would have purchased a home in a different town. Please do something about the trees growing in the bushes.
  • 133 Madison St Chicopee, MA 01020, USA - Chicopee
    couch TV around corner of 133 Madison DG
  • Overgrowth Archived
    Boston St & Old Pendleton Ave Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
    Homeowner refuses to mow this area making it impossible to see oncoming traffic
  • 1210 Grattan St Chicopee 01013, United States - Chicopee
    4:00pm on a weekday and the traffic light only allows 3 cars to pass before turning red again
  • 688 Prospect St Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
    Branches covering street sign, corner of Telegraph Ave and Prospect St
  • Beauchamp Ter Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
    Lower half of the street # 77....5 plus vehicles and a Boat.Looks like a used car lot.
  • Overgrowth Closed
    294 Mandalay Rd Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA - Chicopee
    The yard is overgrown and there are 3 broken down vehicles and misc household trash/appliances in front yard.
  • 842 Chicopee St Chicopee, MA, 01013, USA - Chicopee
    This road has 4-5 raised manhole covers (with sharp corners) that marked in any way so that you can see them (see photo). Additionally, the barrels do not indicate anything other than “no parking”.
    Due to this failure to appropriately draw attention to the safety issue, I was unable to see the 3 manholes to avoid them. It’s currently 10:25p and I am stranded, due to a slicing my tire on the manhole, in a dangerous section of an town that I am not acquainted with. Despite that I’ve call AAA and 911 for my safety this is a situation that could have avoided with proper safety precautions