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  • 229 Branford Road North Branford, CT 06471, USA - North Branford
    Rt 139 (Branford Road) has heavy traffic, which does not slow down for the many children who live in the North Farms complex. You can not see clearly what is coming in either direction, and the cars go whizzing by at a high rate of speed. I've seen cars speed right through the traffic lights! We need either a stop sign, a speed bump, pedestrian crossing, or more importantly, a traffic signal before someone is killed attempting to get out of the driveway or a child trying to cross the road. There are no sidewalks!
  • 2 Rolling Hills Drive - North Branford
    There is "no" street light in the lower section of Rolling Hills Drive. This is dangerous at night and also in the morning when the kids are waiting at that corner for the bus.
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  • 192-324 Forest Rd Northford, CT 06472, USA - North Branford
    Not only did I not receive a paper yesterday ( Saturday ) but when it is delivered its thrown and I have to play hide and seek and its and not in the tube where it should be. Sometmes after finding my paper it is soaking wet. When I asked for the paper to be delivered at this address I was told that for this to happen I needed to put a post in place with the tube from New Haven Register with it's name on it with placement requirements. I did it and all was fine for years, but the last year has been horrible. It has also prompted me to reduce the days its being thrown around my address to about half the week and now considdering stopping it all together because even with constant calls to the paper the delivery person still refuses to deliver it properly. Am I the only one or is this everywhere ?
  • MANY POTHOLES Archived
    50 Village Street Northford, Connecticut - North Branford
    There are many potholes on Village Street by Auger Road. It is like driving through a mine field. The town did a terrible job of repairing them last month and now they are even worse Please fix them correctly.
  • Forest Rd new Haven, Connecticut - North Branford
    I drive to work from Woodbridge to school in new haven Monday through Friday. I travel on Forest to Chapel and it is apparent that the amount of litter is growing especially on the same side as Hopkins. Forest is lined with the most stunning homes and it is depressing to see how ugly it is becoming. I would be happy to clean it up myself but the area is very narrow between the side of the street and the traffic. I am passionate about keeping roadways and streets clean as both myself and several neighbors keep our street clean with regular litter pick ups.i also organized our Rid Litter Day in Woodbridge which coincides on Earth Day annually. I know this is not the worse area of blight in New Haven however it has become an ugly eyesore in The Westville area. I am also sure that daily commuters are to blame as Wellbutrin I have yet to see a clean up in this area in months. Thank you for your consideration.
  • 8 Olson Road North Branford, CT - North Branford
    Each and every day starting from 1 pm and continuing to 8 pm, then starting up again at midnight until 1:30 am, vehicles are traveling up and down Olson Road in excess of 45 mph. At the curve near 8 olson road the cars are going so fast that they swerve to the other side just to make the turn, if a car is going up the road at this time sooner or later their will be head on crash. Neighbors walk their dogs and children ride their bikes at all hours of the day,and on occasion you will hear parents yelling at drivers TOO SLOW DOWN ! The neighbors have complained to the Police, ( and we know their are more important things than this) but let's not wait until someone is killed to act upon this complaint.
  • Ric Court North Branford, CT - North Branford
    Roads closed off and covered with walls of snow; can't drive out of the neighborhood in an emergency
  • 44 Church St CT 06471 - North Branford
    The apron for this bridge is missing and the washout is within the roadway. This is a vehicle and pedestrian hazard
  • 1-99 Great Hill Rd North Branford, CT 06471, USA - North Branford
  • 260 Forest Road North Branford, CT 06471, USA - North Branford
    North Branford Police Chief under investigation has to go.
  • 1680 Foxon Road North Branford, Connecticut - North Branford
    The existing cross walk signs are in place but for some reason the white painted lines did not get repainted during a paving event. This cross walk was already installed with signs during the intersection redo but for some reason the painters did not repaint when repaying was done. This is a safety issue as drivers do not respect the signs since there are no lines on the road. Pedestrians are unable to cross the road safely.