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  • Traffic Markings Acknowledged
    S Shepherd Dr Houston, TX 77019, USA - River Oaks
    The corner of Allen Parkway, S. Shepherd and Kirby Dr. has no pedestrian walk / don't walk signs. This is an extremely complex intersection, with lots of turn lanes and a complex traffic light sequence. Pedestrians and bicyclists need to be able to activate a walk sign to safely cross this intersection in all directions.
  • sidewalk Acknowledged
    3303 Longfield Cir Houston, TX 77063, USA - Westchase
    sidewalk issue
  • 8655-8719 Emnora Ln Houston, TX 77080, USA - Spring Branch
    Install signal or stop sign
  • 2318 Converse Houston - Montrose
  • 2701 Ridgewood Street Houston, Texas - Montrose
    The east side of Ridgewood Street just north of California Street floods every time it rains. It has continued to deteriorate the more it happens. Really needs a storm drain there - or at least some new asphalt
  • 5235 Saxon Houston Texas - Northwest
    One of the bulbs in the tall field light at the center of Mangum Manor Park by the baseball diamond needs to be replaced.
  • 902 Fairview St Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
    These two structures are unsound and they need to be torn down. You can see in the photos the foundation is crumbling. There are people living inside with no water, or electric
  • 2403 Caroline Houston, Texas - Midtown
    I've called either Pct 7 or HPD daily for a week about transients at camping at this location. Perhaps MMD could get Mr Brackman to secure the fence?
  • 6599 Montclair Drive Houston, Texas - Rice
    The area around the manhole cover in the middle of the intersection of Montclair and MacArthur is subsiding rapidly. Currently about 5" differential and growing.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1301 Wheeler Ave Houston, TX 77004, USA - Medical
    The Mayor's sanctioned hobo encampment is once again overflowing with junk and garbage and most certainly disease. Needs to be cleaned and hobos flow the 3x3x3 rule.
  • Other Acknowledged
    11006 Cranbrook Road Houston, TX 77042, United States of America - West Houston
  • 902 Fairview St Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
    Photo documentary shows the rate at which structure is collapsing. Threat to customers sitting in danced outdoor bar directly on other side of fence only a few feet away. Threat to homeless people & animals in & dwelling & in alleyways of property. Threat to people parking cars on property (parking is always completely full on Sunday nights).