13th Ave Oakland

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  • 2626 13th Ave Oakland Ca 94606 United States - Lynn-Highland Park
    Abandoned car. Been there two weeks. Remove it please.
  • 2440 12th Ave Oakland, California - Bella Vista
    The house at 2440 12th Ave is again playing music in their back yard so loud, I can hear it perfectly in my house 2 houses away. It's like the stereo is in my living room. They have no consideration for their neighbors. I am so tired of not beinging able to peacefully enjoy my own house that I'm going to continue to file these every time they're playing loud music in their back yard.
  • 1302 E 19th St Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Rancho San Antonio
  • 2501-2599 13th Ave Oakland, CA, 94606, USA - Oakland
    The length of 13th Ave from Macarthur Blvd to 21st St. has deteriorated to the point of causing damage to vehicles and posing a safety risk to bicyclists. The recent EBMUD work has only aggravated the problem. This is beyond pothole repair--this stretch must be repaved. It is long overdue.
  • 1918 13th Ave Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Rancho San Antonio
    box spring & mattress
  • 1130 E 20th St - Clinton
  • 1301 E 26th St Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Lynn-Highland Park
    Vehicle may be abandoned. Expired registration tags
  • 1326 E 21st St Oakland, CA, 94606, USA - Highland Terrace
    This is the 5th time Ive reported this wrecked vehicle to The City Of Oakland that has been parked in front of my house since SEPTEMBER, and it is STILL here. Can you PLEASE come and tow it? Its at 1327 E.21st Street (@14th Ave) It is a white Toyota, license plate # 6WLL614. It is a blight on our neighborhood,
  • 1241 E 22nd St Oakland 94606, United States - Clinton
    Excessive speeding has caused several parked cars to be totaled from being hit. These homes do not ha e driveways and it the speed is dangerous to the people who live on this street
  • 1850 12th Ave Oakland 94606, United States - Clinton
    Drain grate needs to be reset
  • 13th Avenue Oakland, California - Clinton

    driving. walking. running. riding my bike.

    it is an issue. the whole avenue is falling apart. I would like to know what plans exist to deal with this road. thanks.

  • 2711 13th Avenue Oakland, California - Bella Vista
    Andres construction left the curb poorly repaired with asphalt after replacing the fire hydrant. This is an deplorable use of our tax payer dollars and shows a complete disregard for the residents of our neighborhood.