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  • 9053 Kings Hill Place Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Salt Lake County
    The neighborhood should lobby for a decreased speed limit on Wasatch from the new traffic light north to the light at Bengal Blvd. A 30 mph limit is more suitable for the neighborhood and might encourage the through traffic to seek other routes north and south.
  • Traffic Signals Acknowledged
    8812 S. Blue Jay Lane Salt Lake City, UT - Cottonwood Heights
    I live in the Top of the World area which is greatly affected by the new traffic pattern at the bottom of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Now that the northbound traffic from LCC doesn't have to stop, it is nearly impossible for us to egress in or out of our street, Golden Hills Avenue. When I am travelling South and go into the left turn lane to turn into MY NEIGHBORHOOD (I think you've forgotten that this is not a SKI HIGHWAY, we LIVE HERE) I am either nearly rear ended from behind or hit head on from the front. There is a 50 MPH sign for people coming down the canyon INTO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, but they are doing at least 60, sometimes 70. The lines are painted well enough to encourage traffic to veer right and usually the Northbound traffic is coming straight at me. Trying to egress out of our street to turn South is nearly impossible. To turn North is a little easier...thank goodness everyone from Draper and the ski areas can get through, though. I feel like there was NO CONSIDERATION given to the fact that Wasatch goes through our residential area. We live here. We are not just passing through. You made the intersection work for everyone but the residents. Something has to change.
  • 7430 Wasatch Boulevard East Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Cottonwood Heights
    You have traffic alone Wasatch with a 50 MPH speed limit and the only thing protecting bikers from being killed by a vehicle is one small strip of paint??? This if very poor, very safe biking infrastructure. At the speed limits you have on Wasatch, there should be a physical barrier between vehicles and cyclists. AT THE BARE MINIMUM, you should have a rumble strip to alert cars that they are leaving their lane of travel and entering a bike lane. I drive Wasatch every day and every day, I watch some car or trunk driving half in the bike lane. I ride my bike from Spring to Fall to commute to work on the route and it terrifies me to know how often cars either don't pay attention or they thinks it's fine to cut a turn and drive in the bike lane or use the bike lane as a right hand turn lane. Just painting a bike road is NO WHERE NEAR ADEQUATE. Oh wait, you didn't even bother to do that..... Please make it safer to bike on Wasatch. Safe biking=more bikers= more commuters on bikes=less traffic=less congestion and less air pollution.
  • DANGEROUS Archived
    Ut-210 Salt Lake City, UT, 84121, USA - Cottonwood Heights

    Stop "FIXING" this area of Wasatch with worse ideas. You now want me to pull out of my neighborhood across two lanes of traffic, while cars are coming down the canyon at 50MPH!? Get real! I hope there is a lawsuit against UDOT the first time someone gets t-boned and killed here.

    SLOW DOWN WASATCH TRAFFIC! It's 35 mph all throughout Sandy. Why the need for 50 mph throughout Cottonwood Heights?

    How about you show some care for residents, we're your neighbors you know.

  • 8745 Wasatch Blvd Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Cottonwood Heights
    There have been orange construction barricades for most of the summer placed near this intersection of Wasatch Blvd and Golden Hills Ave. I have not seen any actual construction, however, for several months. Is construction complete? Can you remove the barricades? If it's not complete, please finish the job!
  • Vegetation Archived
    Ut-210 Salt Lake City, UT, 84121, USA - Cottonwood Heights
    Weeds are so tall that it is blocking the view of drivers trying to enter Wasatch Blvd.
  • Ut-210 Salt Lake City, UT, 84121, USA - Cottonwood Heights
    Unsafe egress and ingress due to high speed, high traffic, and poor visibility when exiting the neighborhood with total absence of any traffic calming, signals, or other safety measures.
    ADA compliant ramps on sidewalks that lead to nothing other than the traffic lane with cars at 50 mph.
  • Snow Removal Archived
    9086 Kings Hill Pl Salt Lake City, UT 84121, USA - Cottonwood Heights
    Pls come clear the snow we can't get out it's really bad here pls come clear the snow
  • 8905-8927 Wasatch Boulevard Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Cottonwood Heights
    NB/EB Wasatch Blvd to Little Cottonwood Rd / Wasatch Blvd. The High-T intersection signals: There are two signal heads at this intersection.
    The green right turn arrow is not functioning. The red right turn arrow works, and the left arrows signal works.
  • Snow Removal Archived
    9086 Kings Hill Pl Salt Lake City, UT 84121, USA - Cottonwood Heights
    Their is lots of snow we can't get out pls come remove the snow clear our pathways pls
  • Vegetation Archived
    8303 S Wasatch Blvd Salt Lake City, UT, 84121, USA - Cottonwood Heights
    Hi there, Could someone from UDOT please come and cut down the weeds on the east side of Golden Hills Park (8303 Wasatch Blvd)? I've asked Cottonwood Heights to take care of the weeds and have been told that they are within UDOT's road easement. Thanks!
  • Graffiti Archived
    S Wasatch Blvd Sandy, UT, 84093, USA - Cottonwood Heights
    There is graffiti on the West side of Wasatch Blvd but on the north side of the intersection where Wasatch and Fort Union intersect. Graffiti is on the west side of the retaining wall. Please remove graffiti. I called this in about a month ago and nothing has been done.